What's EnBooo's English Gym?

How Does It Work?

Level Assessment & Goal Setting

A video call with your personal coach to test your level and discuss your learning goals. You will also decide how much time you will spend studying every week and what activities you’d like to focus on.

Receive Your Weekly Tasks

Receive your tasks for the week. These will usually be a combination of fun and traditional materials, so on some days you might be asked to watch a show and on others to do some grammar exercises.

Complete Your Tasks & Receive Feedback

Your coach will check daily to see if you’ve completed a task. If you have, you will receive detailed feedback that will include a list of all the mistakes you made as well as strategies to improve.

Work With Other Learners (If You Want To)

Only if you want to,  you have the possibility to work on some of your tasks with other learners. This can include recording short presentations to share with the other EB Gym members or a speaking activity with another student.

Monthly calls

At the end of every month, your coach will give you a call. This is a great opportunity to catch up,  tell them how you’re doing or simply share what you’ve enjoyed the most about the past month.

End Of Module Video Call + Test

At the end of each module, you will have a 1:1 video call with your coach. This will include a casual chat, an oral test to review everything you’ve learned in the previous 3 months and a discussion about your future goals

End Of Module Event

At the end of each Module, all the EB Gym members are invited to a live social event where they will get to know each better, play games and participate in a Q&A session. 

Chat Support

Got a question?  Your coach is there for you! Message them via the exclusive Telegram channel and get all the answers you need ASAP. You’ll also be able to message the other EB Gym members and hype each other up!

Is EnBooo's English Gym For You?

  • you want to improve your English
  • you have an A2 level of English or above
  • you struggle to stay consistent
  • you want flexibility
  • want the feedback and support of a certified teacher
  • you want to join a community of motivated English learners
  • you like to see tangible progress
  • you like to set goals and reach them
  • you are okay with deadlines
  • you have at least a few hours a week to spend studying English
  • you have daily access to an Internet connection
  • you are not particularly motivated and are only studying English because you have to
  • you are a complete beginner
  • you don’t want to/can’t spend more than one hour a week studying English
  • you do not like to work independently
  • you want weekly 1:1 conversation classes
  • you don’t want to become part of a community
  • you don’t care about setting goals and only want casual conversations to practice speaking
  • you don’t have daily access to an Internet connection


Every year is divided into four English Gym Modules: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each module is 10 weeks long, with a two-week break in between modules.

Winter Module

Jan – Mar

Spring Module

Apr – Jun

Summer Module

Jul – Sep

Fall Module

Oct – Dec


The next module (Spring Module) will begin on March 28th and it will end on June 4th. You can join the waiting list

4 spot available

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still have some reservations? No worries. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy after two weeks, we’ll happily give you all of your money back.

Join the next module for just €36 a week*

* paid every three months

EB Gym or 1:1 Lessons?

How does the EnBooo’s English Gym compare to live one-to-one classes? Flip the cards to find out.

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Be more consistent

Usually with one-to-one classes, students tend to only study English to prepare for their lessons. EB Gym motivates you to stay consistent and study English more often.

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Contact your teacher

If you take one-to-one classes, you only talk to your teacher when you have the class. With EB Gym you can contact your coach whenever you'd like.

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Keep a record of your progress

With live classes, it's hard to keep a record of everything that happens during a lesson. With EB Gym you will receive complete reports of all the mistakes and the progress you've made.

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Practice more often

With one-to-one classes, you only get to practice once or twice a week. With EB Gym you can choose how often you would like to practice, even every day.

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Get precise feedback

In a one-to-one class, it's impossible for the teacher to correct every single mistake you make. With EB Gym you get detailed feedback after completing each task.

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Check your results

One-to-one classes usually don't involve goal setting and progress tests. With EB Gym you will set goals and frequently check you progress so you know when you've reached your objectives.

Meet Your Coach

Lara is a CELTA-certified English teacher and founder of EnBooo.

Although she is originally from Italy, through years of practice and self-study, she has achieved a native-like level of English.

Now she likes to spend her time creating quality resources to help English learners become fluent and confident.


When the module ends, you will decide whether to sign up for the following module or take a break instead.

No, don't worry! =D You're the one who decides how much time you would like to spend studying English. The more the better but it's totally fine to take a day off! However, just so you know, oftentimes the activities will require you to watch a movie or read something in English so, most of the time, it won't necessarily feel like studying.

Working with other learners is not required but it is strongly encouraged. Working with other EB Gym members will help you stay motivated, build confidence and see things from a different perspective, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Absolutely! In fact, you will learn more! Sorry to break it to you, but 1:1 video calls are way overrated and more often than not... a waste of time. Talking with someone unfortunately is not enough to see major improvements in the way you speak and only works when combined with self-study, which is what we focus on.

Of course! In fact, speaking will most likely always be our main focus, only we will practice it asynchronously (i.e. not in real time), meaning you will record yourself speaking into the camera or having a conversation with another EB Gym Member and then you'll receive detailed feedback on how you did.

This has multiple benefits — not only will this give you a chance to prepare for the task and use new vocabulary (which will increase the chances of you memorizing it) but it will also give the coach the opportunity to correct ALL of your mistakes (and not just some); besides, you'll have the possibility to watch/listen to your recording again and become aware of the mistakes you make — this is something you can't usually do after a long 1:1 call, but it's a crucial step if you want to improve and if you want to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

I understand this may be something new for you and you might not feel ready to commit, so don't worry. If, for some reason, after two weeks you feel like this isn't for you, I'll happily give you a full refund!