Speaking Practice On The Go

Hi! And thank you for accepting to participate into this little experiment of mine. BWAHAHAH! Just kidding!

First of all, let me briefly explain to you what we’re trying to accomplish here.

My goal is to create the most effective and convenient way for people to practice their speaking skills, build their vocabulary, fix their grammar mistakes and improve their accent when speaking in English.

We all know that practice is crucial when learning a new language, however we really only have two options to do that, we can either practice on our own or get help from a teacher.

Practice on our own

As crazy as it may sound (literally), talking to ourselves can be a great way to practice! However, there is one major disadvantage — you don’t get any feedback. This means you won’t know if what you’re saying is actually correct — you might end up making the same mistakes over and over again without even realizing you are mispronouncing or misusing a word.

Practice with a teacher

This is possibly the most effective method to achieve all the wonderful things we mentioned earlier — learn new words, correct our pronunciation mistakes and so on, but… there are some downsides to that too:

  • Your teacher may not be able to write down ALL of your mistakes
  • Even if you do get corrected, that usually happens after a few minutes of you talking and by that time… do you even remember what you had said?
  • You are so busy talking that you can’t fully focus on what you’re saying so it’s hard to reflect on your mistakes when the lesson is over.

speaking practice on the go

This is why I came up with the idea of Speaking Practice On The Go (not sure about the name yet, any suggestions are welcome =P), to make sure you truly get the most out of your speaking sessions

Here’s how it works. Each session is comprised of 6 equally important steps:

  1. Read the article
  2. Study it carefully
  3. Record yourself
  4. Send me your recording
  5. Receive my feedback
  6. Watch the video

sTEP 1

In order to improve our fluency or vocabulary, we’re going to have to take a leap of faith and explore topics we’ve never explored before. Here’s the article I selected for this little test/experiment, whatever you want to call it. =)


sTEP 2

Read it carefully. Pay attention to the general meaning of the text but also to all the little things in it, like the prepositions used, the grammar used, the vocabulary used etc.. Also, don’t forget to always ask yourself “Would I say this?” — just because we understand something, it doesn’t mean we would actually use a certain expression/word when speaking. 

sTEP 3

Record a 1-2 minute video summarizing what you have just read. You may want to rehearse a few times before hitting that record button. Try to use as much new vocabulary as possible. It’s okay to use entire sentences that you read in the article if you’ve memorized them but do not use a script.

Imagine you want to tell a friend (who hasn’t read the article) what the article is about. 

You may even include your personal opinion at the end of the video. Just remember it can’t be longer than 2  minutes

Make sure the audio quality is good. Pick a quiet room and use a pair of good headphones if you have them.

sTEP 4

Send me the recording (info@enbooo.com) using WeTransfer.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to https://wetransfer.com/

2. Create an account or log in

3. Upload your recording

4. Add my email address (info@enbooo.com) and a message (only if you want to).

sTEP 5

Wait for my feedback. This may take up to 72 hours. I will watch your video and record my feedback on top of it.

Once it’s ready I will send you the link to go watch it. 

sTEP 6

This is possibly the most important step! Watch the video and make a note of all my corrections. I truly believe the only way to improve is to become aware of our mistakes so we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future!

Thanks again! Let me know if you have any questions! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!