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If there’s one thing that we can all agree on when it comes to English is that its spelling rules are HARD — even native speakers know that and spelling is taken very seriously both in and out of school.

But did you know that spelling words correctly can even get you money in the States? All you have to do is take part in (and win) a spelling bee — the most famous is the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

In this competition kids are asked to spell incredibly long and complicated words like Bewusstseinslage, haecceitas, koinonia.

Now, although we may not be ready to compete with these brilliant kids, we can still have fun trying to spell these often misspelled English words.

Let me know how it went in the comments! Good luck!

Spelling Quiz


RECEIPT (rɪsiːt)

A piece of paper that you are given which shows that you have paid for something

RHYTHM (rɪðəm)

A regular repeated pattern of sounds or movement

UNTIL (əntɪl)

This word is used to indicate when something continues and then stops at that time

ENTREPRENEUR (ɑːntrəprənɜːr)

Someone who starts a new business in order to make money

CONFETTI (kənfeti)

Small pieces of colored paper that you throw into the air at events such as parties

NAUSEOUS (nɒːʃəs)

Feeling that you are going to vomit

FUCHSIA (fjuːʃə)

A bright pink color

BOLOGNA (bəloʊni)

A type of cooked meat often eaten in sandwiches

DUMBBELL (dʌmbel)

Two weights connected by a short bar, that you can lift to strengthen your arms and shoulders
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Khaled Hussein
1 year ago

2/9 is very good, 😂😂😅, two words did not work, for the national spelling bee, they select very hard word to the Girl 😪

thank you Lara, it really funny test.