The Method

Do you feel like you can’t memorize and use new English words and grammar rules even after studying them?

No worries… You simply haven’t found the right method yet!


EnBooo‘s approach to learning is based on a teaching technique called elicitation.

Now, I know you may not be familiar with this term, so let me show you how it works.

Let’s take the word nosy and let’s look at two different teaching approaches.

Truths & Myths

Now that you’ve seen elicitation in action, let’s see if you can guess a few more things about it.


Okay, so, ready to give me the definition of elicitation?

Congratulations! Now you know what elicitation is and, most importantly, why it’s so useful!

See? I could have simply given you a definition, but, instead, you ‘re the one who gave it to me and I bet now you’ll never forget it!

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