Hi! My name is Lara and I help English learners become fluent through self-study.




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My interactive method will take your English to the next level and help you speak like a native.



Listen to engaging stories, access the transcripts and memorize tons of really useful expressions and idioms.


Unlock interesting weekly articles on a wide array of topics and then test yourself with interactive quizzes.


Watch interactive videos, take quizzes, learn new English words and expressions and practice your listening skills.

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Speaking Club

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Get your weekly dose of speaking practice by joining the EnBooo Speaking Club. Connect with English learners just like yourself, practice speaking, improve your pronunciation and achieve English fluency thanks to our engaging live classes. 

  • Classes with Lara
  • 6 people max
  • 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Only €10 / class
  • B1 – B2 levels
  • Online
  • Classes Monday through Thursday
  • Free access to all the Boosters

Do you want to become fluent in English?

When speaking in English, do you…

… then you’re in the right place!

EnBooo makes it incredibly easy and fun for you to memorize and use new words, expressions and grammar rules so you can start speaking English confidently and fluently, the way a native speaker would!


Spelling Quiz

Can you spell these 9 challenging words? Take the quiz and find out!



EnBooo is a fast-growing community of English lovers and English enthusiasts who want to improve their speaking, listening and reading skills.

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