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The Language Journal is finally here! 🤩

Discover how it can help you memorize new vocabulary long term.

Amazing content for English learners in 3, 2, 1…

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The Podcast

Learn hundreds of advanced English words and expressions, discover how and when to use them so you’ll never get stuck again while speaking!

The Blog

Discover a fun way to learn English — watch clips taken from popular movies and TV shows, read articles and take all sorts of interactive quizzes to test your skills.

Pronunciation Course

Go on a journey to explore each of the 43 American English sounds and take the first step towards becoming the English speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

English Gym

Train your English and keep it fit with daily exercises and practice, receive guidance and feedback from your personal coach and connect with other learners to stay motivated.

About EnBooo

Why choose EnBooo? Find out who’s behind all of this (spoiler alert: it’s me, Lara) and what makes these resources and the method I use so useful and effective.

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