About the Founder

If you listen to the podcast, you may have more information about me than I could ever fit in this short biography šŸ˜„… but here we go.

Hi! My name is Lara, I’m an English teacher and founder of EnBooo.

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy, but as a kid I developed a huge passion for the English language (I don’t know if you can tell šŸ˜…).

As a teenager, I spent a lot of time (maybe too much time?!) watching American TV shows and movies (hence the accent), trying to perfect my English.

In 2016, after graduating in Conference Interpreting, I found my vocation: I wantedĀ  to become an English teacher. I got my CELTA certificateĀ (i.e. Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) soon after and started teaching right away.

I worked at several popular institutions including Wall Street English and the British Council, but in 2020 I decided to go my own way and use all the experience I’d gained to create something new, something that could change the way people learned English, and that’s how EnBooo startedĀ šŸ„°.

About the Method

After years of learning and teaching English, I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t work. Here are some of the core techniques I use and the principles I follow when creating content:

Engaging Materials

You can’t learn while bored, that’s why I strive to create fun and engaging resources.Ā 

Image Association

A picture is worth 1,000 words… especially when trying to learn a language.

Spaced Repetition

A super effective technique to improve long-term memory retention.


A technique by which the teacher gets the learners to give informationĀ rather than giving it to them.

Using Emotions

Using your emotions is a key step towards building vocabulary.

No Translating

Stop translating from your first language and start thinking in English.


Small consistent steps are what leads to greatness.Ā 

Set Goals

Decide where you want to go, then do the work to get there.


A teacher can only guide you. The power to achieve what you want lies within you.

Got a question? Send me an email at info@enbooo.com! šŸ˜Š