EB Combo

Self-Study + 1:1 Classes

Unlock a new topic every week. Study the material, learn new expressions and then meet with me 1:1 to put into practice what you’ve learned!

Who is this for?

The EB Combo is perfect for B1 students and above who have time to study on their own but that would also like to receive feedback on their speaking from a certified teacher.

How does it work?

Every week you will receive a new article or video on a certain topic. You’ll have to go over the material and get ready to talk about it. We’ll then meet to discuss the topic together.

How long is a class?

Classes are 45 minutes long. You can click here to see the times and days available at the moment. All times shown are CET – make sure they’re compatible with your schedule.

When will classes start?

Classes start on October 3rd. There are 4 spots in total and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registrations close on September 30th.

How much does it cost?

Classes are €15 and they are sold in packages of 10. This includes the material, conversation classes, feedback and Telegram support for 10 weeks.

What if I miss a class?

You can reschedule up to 2 classes but they will have to be recouped within that same week, otherwise you’ll lose the ability to recoup them.

Registrations close on December 23rd.

There is one spot left!

Want to join the waiting list? Send me an email!