Let's Create Something Awesome 🤩

Hey you guys! This is a special announcement. I need your help in order to create something awesome. 😄

Let me briefly explain to you what it’s about.

So a while ago I realized that my English level was, let’s say, pretty stagnant, meaning I wasn’t making that much progress. Even though I was still watching lots of TV shows and stuff like that and I was coming across literally new expressions every day, I wasn’t really memorizing any of them. 🥺

That’s when I realized I needed a tool that could help me keep track of all the new vocabulary, help me review it and stay consistent at the same time.

I looked, but I couldn’t find anything that would do that, so I decided to basically create my own Language Journal. And then as I was creating it, I thought, you know what? This could really be helpful. So I looked into self-publishing and realized I could do it. If I wanted to do it, I could publish it. 😃

So over the past few weeks I’ve been working on the first prototype, but now I want to hear from you because you are language learners, and who knows what the ideal Language Journal should look like better than you, right?

So, yeah, I would like to know what would you like to see inside, what you think would make this journal really useful and truly efficient. 

So if you have a couple of minutes to spare and want to help me shape this journal, then you can take the quick survey that I’ve prepared  for you (I’ve linked it below) — it’ll only take a few minutes, I promise. 🥰

I’m hoping we can create something beautiful together and something that will help all language learners.

So thanks so much to those of you who would like to contribute. Oh, I’ll be emailing my newsletter subscribers with all the updates so if you know what’s going on with the journal and you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, make sure you do that,  and I will also be posting about it on social media, so, yeah, don’t miss it.

Thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye! ❤️