EnBoo Self-Study Guide

Receptive Skills (Listening)

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If there is one thing kids love to do is to make fun of one another, and, more often than not, the target of these mockeries ends up being someone’s body or physique, a phenomenon that we now know as…


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If your listening skills are good, you should be able to understand everything or nearly everything a native speaker says while speaking in all kinds of contexts.

You need to work on your listening skills if:

  • You always need subtitles when watching a video or a movie
  • You get confused or overwhelmed when English speakers talk to you 

How To Improve Your Listening Skills

What you need:

* You can also use a recording/podcast as long as it comes with a transcript

Phase 1 - Identify the Problem

1. Identify what is preventing from understanding spoken English. You might need the help a professional to figure that out.

2. Once you know what aspects of the pronunciation you struggle with, study them by following the steps provided in the Self-Study Pronunciation Guide. 

Phase 2 - Analyze and Test Yourself

1. Watch a short video or an episode of your favorite TV show and turn on the English subtitles. Read and listen at the same time. Pay close attention to how the sounds you hear match the words you read.

2. Every 2 or 3 minutes, pause the video, rewind it and watch it again, this time without subtitles. See how much you can understand now. Do this as many times as necessary, until you understand 100% of what’s being said.


  • Understand what is preventing you from understanding spoken English.
  • Read and listen at the same time.
  • Know it will take time to see progress so stay consistent and trust the process.
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