Speaking Club Topics

Ready for another week here at the EnBooo Speaking Club? Here you can find this week’s topics. 

Monday, April 26th

Have you ever heard of a Financial Day? What do you think of this concept?
What is the 401(k)? Are you enrolled in a 401(k) plan?
Do many people rely on credit cards to make their purchases where you live/d?
Do you think most people in your country have debts?
How often do you check your finances?
Have you ever had to downsize or make a big change in your life for financial reasons?
Do you talk about money with your significant other? How often do you do that? Is that comfortable?
How should a couple deal with common expenses? Should they have a joint account?
Is it easy for you to save money? Has this changed compared to when you were younger?
What are some of the best tips to help someone save money?
Have you ever unsubscribed from a shopping newsletter or installed an ad blocker to reduce your expenses? Do you think that works?
Do you think paying people to do stuff for you is a good investment?
Do you think companies/employers should give their employees a financial day? How often?
Out of the tips listed in the video, which do you think are the most important? Which are the least important?



Wednesday, April 21st

Store in Oregon That Threw Out Food Is Confronted by Angry Activists

Read the article

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Who do you think was right?

What would you have done in the place of the employees? What would you tell the activists?

What would you tell the employees if you were an activist?

What should a store do in this case? 

What do your local stores do with the food surplus?

How much of the food you buy gets thrown out?

Do you pay attention to the use-by and best-by labels when purchasing food?

How do you try to reduce your food waste?

What about fruit and vegetables? How do you pick them? Will you eat them even when they get really ripe?

Do you ever eat food even though it’s spoilt?

Have you ever gotten sick from eating something that was expired?

Do you try and come up with new recipes based on what you have in the fridge or do you choose the recipe first?

What do you do with the leftover food from the restaurant?

Why do you think people waste so much food?

To make the most of the class, it’s important you study the material carefully (look up any words you don’t know and get ready to talk about what you have read/watched).

See you soon! =)