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Speaking (Fluency)

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If there is one thing kids love to do is to make fun of one another, and, more often than not, the target of these mockeries ends up being someone’s body or physique, a phenomenon that we now know as…


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Fluency means speaking easily, reasonably quickly and without having to pause a lot

You need to work on fluency if:

  • You often hesitate while speaking 
  • You pause very often while speaking so you can plan what you’ll say next or how you’ll say it

How To Improve Fluency When Speaking

What you need:

Phase 1 - Prep

1. Watch a video / read an article. As you do that for the first time, only focus on the general message,  don’t worry about any specific words. Could you summarize it in one sentence?

2. Watch/read it again. This time pay attention to how the video/text is structured. What are the main ideas? Make a list of them.

Phase 2 - Speak and Reflect

1. Set a timer for, say, 2 minutes (you can play around with the number of minutes) and summarize the video/text.

2. Take a moment to reflect. Did you pause or hesitate at certain points? What were you trying to say? Think of a different way to say what you were trying to say or check the video/text to see how that idea was expressed.

Phase 3 - Halve the Time

1. Set the timer. This time, give yourself half of the time you gave yourself before (if earlier it was 2 minutes, now you’ll have 60 seconds). Do the speaking task again.

2. Summarize the text again. Try to say everything you said earlier, only this time you will have to speak a bit faster to make sure you can fit everything in half the time.

Phase 4 - Halve the Time (again)

1. Set the timer again. This time, give yourself half of the time you gave yourself before (30 seconds if you’ve done it in 60 seconds before). 

2. Summarize the text one more time. Once again, try to say everything you said earlier. You will most likely have to speak pretty fast by this point.

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