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The Pros & Cons of Life as a Digital Nomad

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Saying that the 20th century has revolutionized our lives would be an understatement – the advent of new technologies has reshaped the way we do an incredible amount of things, from the way we keep in touch to the way we…


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Saying that the 20th [sic 21st] century has revolutionized our lives would be an understatement – the advent of new technologies has reshaped the way we do an incredible amount of things, from the way we keep in touch to the way we watch TV, and then again the way we pay and even the way we work and the Internet, in particular, is probably to thank for most of these changes. 

Jobs that, up until a few years ago, we would’ve never imagined could exist are now among the most highly requested and the best paid and even some of the most traditional jobs can now be done remotely, take teaching, for example, or personal training

This opened up a whole new world for new generations who, with a YOLO mentality, have decided to make the most of this opportunity and to travel the world while working – that is to say, to become a digital nomad.

What’s a Digital Nomad?

Although the term ‘digital nomad’ seems to date back to the late ‘90s, the expression has started to gain traction relatively recently. 

To put it simply, digital nomads are people whose job allows them to work remotely and therefore decide to leave their country and carry on working while traveling the world.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Nomad

If you google the term “digital nomad” you will come across plenty of blogs that paint an amazing picture of this lifestyle, often describing it as the best lifestyle you could hope for. Now, while there are some major undeniable benefits to being a digital nomad, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages you’re likely to experience.


  • You’ll be location-independent – this is probably the biggest benefit when choosing to become a digital nomad, you can work from virtually anywhere in the world (as long as there is an Internet connection, of course). Many digital nomads take full advantage of this opportunity and end up exploring a good chunk of the world.
  • No commuting – maybe you’re lucky and you live just a couple of blocks away from your workplace but most people aren’t that lucky and spend hours and hours every week commuting to and from work. Well, none of that happens when you can work at the café around the corner or, better yet, on your couch in your PJ’s.
  • No dress code – one of the biggest perks of not having to go into work every day is the fact that you don’t have to stress over what to or what not to wear every day!

Now, let’s address the disadvantages.


  • Insurance – since you’ll be traveling, chances are you’ll have to pay for a private insurance policy, which, in certain cases, could be quite pricey.
  • Visas – as most travelers know, traveling often involves a lot more than just hopping on a plane and getting off once you’ve reached your destination – depending on the country you’ll be traveling to, you may have to apply for a visa, pay the required fees and wait for your application to be accepted.
  • Burnout – not having a fixed schedule sounds great, until it doesn’t… or better, until you end up working a lot more than you should. As long as you are strict with yourself, though, and limit the amount of time you spend working, you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Loneliness – this may be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome – even though we tend to picture travelers as charming and fascinating people anyone would love to get to know and hang out with, the sad truth is that moving constantly makes it hard for you to find stability and therefore build close friendships, so loneliness is a real threat for digital nomads, especially if traveling solo.

There you have it. Now you have the whole picture.

So, to sum it up, working remotely has never been easier, and more and more people are now seizing this opportunity and in the hope to live their life to the fullest, they embrace an unconventional way of living and become digital nomads. And while life as a digital nomad sure isn’t perfect, many of its benefits are truly priceless

And you? Would you consider working remotely and becoming a digital nomad?

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