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Writing (Spelling & Punctuation)

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If there is one thing kids love to do is to make fun of one another, and, more often than not, the target of these mockeries ends up being someone’s body or physique, a phenomenon that we now know as…


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Spelling & Punctuation

If you can use correct spelling and punctuation, that means you can spell words correctly and that you can use appropriate punctuation to help make the meaning of sentences more clear.

You need to work on spelling and punctuation if:

  • You often forget or misplace commas, periods and other punctuation marks. 
  • You often make spelling mistakes.

How To Improve Spelling And Punctuation When Writing

What you need:

* You can do this exercise with an article if you wish, but make sure the article you choose comes with a recording as well.  

Phase 1 - Listen

1. Listen to the recording. Focus on the general meaning, don’t worry about any specific words.

2. Listen again, this time pausing at the end of every sentence or every four or five words if a sentence is too long.

Phase 2 - Write

1. Write what you hear. Pay attention to the pauses made and reflect before you write more complex words or words you’ve never heard before. 

2. After writing each sentence, read it again to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

Phase 3 - Check

1. Try reading what you wrote out loud, pausing when necessary. How does it sound?

2.  Compare what you wrote with the book or the transcription. Correct any mistakes you made.

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