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Episode 1 • Food



Hearty breakfast

Light meal

Spoil (one's) appetite

Food poisoning


Last week, Josh and I came back from our trip! We had so much fun. We were very lucky with the weather and the place was amazing! And the food! The food was mouthwatering! Well, for the most part… The thing is, normally, both Josh and I have a hearty breakfast to keep us full until lunchtime. But on one of the last days, we woke up pretty late. We had reservations at a restaurant at 12pm so we decided to simply have a light meal so it wouldn’t spoil our appetite. We started looking for a place to eat something quick in the area but we couldn’t find anything open. We looked for about 30 minutes when we finally found a little grocery shop . We went in and bought two sandwiches. Honestly, they didn’t look great and they tasted even worse but we ate them anyway. Well, I don’t know what was wrong with them, perhaps they were expired or something, but after a few hours both Josh and I started feeling really sick and really nauseous. We didn’t think it was anything serious at first but it kept getting worse and worse. In the end, we realized we had gotten food poisoning and couldn’t leave our hotel room for two full days! That was the worst!



'The soups especially, they were mouthwatering!'

• Why does your mouth sometimes water when looking at food? Because the food looks really good or really disgusting?

Well, it's because it looks really good. When your mouth waters, you're looking, I don't know, at a piece of cake or something and you just want to eat it. That's mouth-watering, it makes your mouth water.

• Can you think of a mouth-watering dish?

If I think of a mouth-watering dish, I'm thinking of, maybe, lasagna or pasta. I don't know. Something like that.

Hearty meal

'Both Josh and I usually have a hearty breakfast to keep us full.'

• Does a hearty meal involve large or small portions of food? How do you feel after eating a hearty meal? Satisfied or dissatisfied?

Well, a hearty meal involves large portions of food. Well, satisfied. A hearty meal makes you feel satisfied. You finish eating and you don't feel like eating anymore because you're happy. You're full. You're good.

• What do you think a hearty breakfast looks like?

Imagine in your country, for example, if I have to think for myself, I would imagine a hearty breakfast be something like maybe a couple of eggs, a few slices of toasted bread, and-- I don't know. Maybe a coffee or something like that. Maybe a couple of slices of bacon, why not? That would be a hearty breakfast for me.

• Do you have a hearty breakfast?

I personally don't. It depends on the period but as of right now, I mostly just have a coffee for breakfast and then I have a bigger lunch. I'd rather have a hearty lunch than a hearty breakfast. It's up to you.

Light meal

'We simply decided to have a light meal.'

• Is a light meal normally big or small?

A light meal, it's normally small. It doesn't include a lot of things on your plate.

• Does a light meal normally include fatty or fried food?

No, a light meal doesn't include any fatty or fried food because that would be the opposite, obviously, a heavy meal.

• What is an example of a light meal?

When I think of a light meal, I definitely think of vegetables. Maybe meat, some lean meat like a piece of chicken, or maybe some fish also. That would be a light meal.

Spoil (someone’s) appetite

'So it wouldn’t spoil our appetite.'

• If you have eaten something that spoiled your appetite, are you more or less hungry than before?

Well, you are less hungry than before because your appetite has been spoiled.

• If you are hungry but you don’t want to spoil your appetite, what should you have? A piece of fruit or a burger?

Well, I suggest having a piece of fruit. That way, you will not spoil your appetite and you will still be hungry.

• If you snack in between meals, does that spoil your appetite?

Personally, if I snack in between meals, even if I have a piece of fruit or-- I don't know. Just something very small, maybe, a couple of crackers, I still-- I don't know how, but it spoils my appetite and I'm not hungry for hours after. What I tend to do is I try not to snack in between meals so my appetite is not spoiled. I get to lunch or I get to dinner, and I'm still hungry.

Food poisoning

'We had gotten food poisoning.'

• What symptoms are usually associated with food poisoning? Leg pain, having to go to the bathroom or nausea?

Normally, you either have to go to the bathroom or you have nausea or both, but leg pain? It's not normally something that you associate to food poisoning.

• Can you get food poisoning from drinking something harmful?

Yes. Unfortunately, you can. Just because you have the word food in food poisoning, doesn't mean it's only connected with food. You could get food poisoning even from drinking something bad.

• How can you store food so that it won’t give you food poisoning?

Well, for example, you could keep it on a fridge. Once you've opened the package or whatever, you put it in the fridge and you know that it's good for a few days. Another good question could be, have you ever had food poisoning? How did you feel like? Since I didn't want to talk to you about my personal experience with food poisoning, I'll just think it's better if we just leave it that way.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 1 • Food”

  1. It’s time to review the first episode. I wrote some examples.
    1) On my last vacation, I have tried the Pizza Ala Pala, it has a mouthwatering smell.
    2) I consider the lunch should be hearty, a hearty lunch is a source of energy and harmony.
    3) Breakfast is necessary for your day, but a light breakfast helps me don’t feel stuffed at the beginning of the day.
    4) Unless you spoil your appetite, you should have lunch.
    5) If you don’t want to get food poisoning, you should keep food on a fridge and carefully choose it.

    I also wonder, where did a couple travel? 😀

    1. Well done, Dmitrii! I see lots of great language in these sentences! Bravo! 🤗💪 However, there are a few things that need to be changed a bit:

      1. I tried (I am specifying when it happened so I have to use the Past Simple)

      Usually you just say that something is mouthwatering,  not the smell 😋

      2. Just keep the second half of the sentence (P.S. I totally agree with you)

      3. A light breakfast helps me not feel (you need an infinitive after the verb ‘help’)😉

      4. Usually it’s food that spoils your appetite, so I would say something like ‘Don’t eat any snacks, otherwise it’s going to spoil your appetite and you won’t your lunch.’

      5. The first part is great! 👏 Food IN the fridge and… Examine it carefully before eating it? Not sure if that’s what you meant by ‘choose’. 

      All in all, great job! 🤗💪😀

      1. Thanks so much for your answer and corrections, Lara! 🤩 “Examine it carefully before eating it”, you are absolutely right. 😅👍

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