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Spill the tea

Slide into someone's DM's

Take down a post/video

Get canceled

Go viral


Hello Buzzers and welcome to my YouTube channel. My name’s Alicia and I post new videos three times a week. In case you don’t know, in every video we spill the tea on what’s going on in the YouTube world. Ready? Let’s get right into it.

This week French YouTuber Melanie Dubois finally admitted to how she and her boyfriend met. Apparently her boyfriend used to be a huge fan of hers and one day he finally found the courage to slide into Melanie’s DM’s and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Let’s move on to Kraig Mustard, or as you may know him “Big Mustard”, the star’s latest video was taken down last week after people accused him of making insensitive comments towards women. Now even his biggest fans are saying he deserves to get canceled. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

It’s time to talk about the video that has turned the Internet upside down! 16-year-old TikToker Marcus Cubs shared a video of his cat barking, that’s right, barking! The video went viral on Monday and it has now reached over 13 million views. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t worry, I’ll link it in the description so you can go watch it right away!

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. Love you, Buzzers! 

See ya later!


Okay. How annoying was that voice on a scale from 1 to 10? Hopefully not too much, hopefully you stayed for this part of the episode.

Spill the tea

'… in every video we spill the tea on what’s going on in the YouTube world.'

• If you spill the tea, do you talk about other people's private lives or do you share something about your private life?

Usually, if you spill the tea, you are talking about other people's private lives.

• What’s a synonym for spilling the tea? Gossiping, talking, judging?

It's gossiping. Saying something, maybe addressing a rumor, talking about something that not a lot of people are talking about. It doesn't necessarily have to be true, it just needs to be, like I said, something that is not known publicly maybe. That's what gossiping is and that is what spilling the tea means. It's like the cool term for gossiping nowadays.

• If you spill the tea, does that mean you’ll share juicy information or not?

Juicy information, that alone should have been one of the terms for today's episode. Anyway, when you are talking about juicy information, you really mean interesting information. It's like a slang term for interesting information. Yes, definitely, if you spill the tea, you are sharing juicy information, you're sharing something, like a very dark secret about someone. It's not just like, "Oh, they got a dog." It's more like, "Oh, she has an affair. They've been seeing each other for two years." That's when you're really spilling the tea.

• Do you ever watch YouTube videos that promise to spill the tea?

I'm not really into YouTube drama but every now and then, I clicked on a video that promised to spill the tea. It's something that a lot of YouTubers do these days. They title their videos "Spilling the tea on... whatever topic they're going to talk about". Every now and then, I got curious and clicked on them.

Slide into someone's DM's

'… he finally found the courage to slide into Melanie’s DM’s. '

• If you slide into someone’s DM’s, do you send a DM or do you receive it?

If you slide into someone's DM's, you send a DM, you're sending a DM to another person.

• Who can slide into your DM’s? Someone you know or someone you’ve never spoken to before?

If you say that someone slid into your DM's, what you're really saying is that you either didn't know this person very well, you definitely were not friends with them, or maybe you didn't know them at all. I think that happens a lot to celebrities where a lot of people slide into their DM's. Obviously, they don't know them personally but they try to get in touch with them, and so they will slide into their DM's.

• What is usually the purpose of sliding into someone’s DM’s?

Well, here's the thing. When you use the expression to slide into someone's DM's, you're usually implying that they have some sort of romantic purpose. They are into you, they like you and even though they don't know you very well, they want to talk to you and that's why they send you a DM or in this case, they slide into your DMs. '

• Has someone ever slid into your DM’s?

I don't think so. I've had lots of you reach out to me on Instagram but I wouldn't call that sliding into my DM's. No, I don't think anybody's ever slid into my DM's.

Take down a video/post

'...the star’s latest video was taken down last week'

• If a video gets taken down, what happens to it? Does it get shared or does it get deleted?

f you say that a video or a post gets taken down, it means that it gets deleted from social media.

• Why would a video be taken down?

I think there's really two possibilities. Either you can take down your own video or your own post. Say that you posted something that you are not very proud of or you realize that you could see something that you didn't want people to see, you can decide to take it down. Even a platform can decide to take down a video or a post. Say that you maybe posted a video on YouTube and YouTube thought that it was not appropriate or maybe you were using music that you didn't own the rights to. What YouTube can do in that case is they can take down your video, so they can delete it from their platform.

• Has a video or a post that you made ever been taken down?

No. Usually, it happens especially on Instagram when you violate their policy if you post stuff that's inappropriate. My content is all PG 13, so I don't think I've ever violated any rules. No, no posts of mine have been taken down so far.

Get canceled

'Now even his biggest fans are saying he deserves to get canceled.'

• Who can get canceled? Someone who’s famous or someone who isn’t?

Only people that are famous or at least somewhat famous can get canceled.

• Why do people get canceled?

There's something called the cancel culture movement. It's a really big topic and I can't explain it to you in detail, but go ahead and google it because it's really interesting. I'm going to try and explain it to you as best as I can. Basically, what's been happening is that if a celebrity or someone, like I said, somewhat famous, does something bad — I'm talking things like people find out that they've been hurting other people, that they've been sexually harassing other people, that they've made racist comments, even their own fans or just the public in general, can decide to cancel them. What they're trying to do, is really, they're trying to punish famous people for really bad behavior.

• What will happen to you if you get canceled?

If you are a celebrity and you get canceled, what that means is that people are going to stop watching your videos or, just interacting with your content. They're going to try and convince other people to stop supporting you, to stop following you. If you are getting canceled, you might lose a lot of followers. It's seen as a form of punishment for bad behavior. "You're a celebrity, you did something awful, I'm going to take that fame away from you and I'm going to punish you for it."

• Can you think of someone famous who got canceled recently?

Like I said, if you google it, you're going to see a ton of celebrities that have been canceled recently. One that comes to mind is Ellen DeGeneres. She is an American comedian and everybody loved her. Everybody was obsessed with her, everybody thought she was super funny. Then some of her employees started to complain saying that she was mistreating them at work, she was being really mean, really rude. It's like people, the public, saw her from this other perspective and they decided to cancel her. She's just one of the many examples of people that got canceled.

Go viral

' The video went viral on Monday and it has now reached over 13 million views.'

• What happens to a video or a post if it goes viral, is it seen a lot or not?

Yes, if a video goes viral, it is seen a lot of times.

• If something goes viral, is it seen a lot over a short period of time or over a long period or time?

That would be over a short period of time. If I post something today and within a few hours it gets 1 million views, then that video has definitely gone viral, but if I post it today and it gets 1 million views over say 10 years, then no. It's still probably a good video because 1 million views is not bad but I can't say that it went viral.

• What makes a video go viral?

Ugh, I wish I knew. If I knew, I would make every one of my videos go viral. I don't really know. I think it's really easy for videos that feature cats or dogs or animals in general, to go viral. Maybe I should just include a couple of hamsters in every video I make and see if that helps.

• Did a video or a photo that you posted ever go viral?

No, not yet. There was this one time when I posted something on TikTok and it quickly went from zero likes to almost 300. I was like, "This is it. This is going to be the one." Then it just flatlined, nothing happened. I was like, "All right, whatever." 300 likes, that's not bad. No, I haven't made one single viral video yet but who knows? Hopefully in the near future.

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