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Episode 120 • Rudeness


Take it out on someone

Call someone names

Be out of line

Give someone the finger

Blow a raspberry


Anita: I can’t believe it! Kids these days…
Nora: What? What happened?
Anita: … they are just so rude. And what do their parents do? Nothing!
Nora: Can you tell me what happened?
Anita: Well, I was standing in line waiting for my turn and this kid, I don’t know… I guess- Apparently he was mad at his mom for not getting him something he wanted and well, I was there and I guess he just decided to take it out on me.
Nora: Oh no, what did he do? Did he call you names?
Anita: I mean, no, but still, he was so out of line… I can’t believe his mom didn’t do anything.
Nora: But what did he do then? Oh, I think I know. He gave you the finger, didn’t he?
Anita: No, I think he was too young for that- Oh, look- Look, that’s him! That’s the kid! Oh my God, he’s doing it again!
Nora: Anita, come on. He’s probably three years old… Is that- Is that what he was doing?
Anita: Yep, that’s exactly what he was doing!
Nora: He’s- he’s just blowing a raspberry.
Anita: Yeah, like I said, so rude!


Take it out on someone

'I was there and I guess I just decided to take it out on me.'

• If you take it out on someone, how are you feeling? Happy and content or angry and frustrated?

If you take it out on someone, that means that you are angry and frustrated.

• If you take it out on someone, how do you let out your anger and frustration? By being nice to the people around you or by treating them badly?

If you take it out on someone, you start treating the people that are around you, well, if you take it out on someone you start treating that person that you're taking it out on badly, very, very poorly.

• Do you usually choose to take it out on other people?

I don't think it's a decision that you make. I think it's something that sometimes accidentally happens. Maybe something happened to you or something- You can be sad, or angry, or frustrated like we said, and you have someone that's sitting right next to you without you really knowing you might start treating them badly. You might be rude to them. You're taking it out on them. Other times, I think maybe it's a little bit more conscious. You may know that you're actually doing it, but usually, it's something natural that happens. Obviously, you're nervous, you're angry, and boom, the first person you see, you take it out on them. It doesn't even have to be related to what's happened to you. Maybe a mother that just got some really bad news may see her kid doing something she doesn't like and she might take it out on him. Not because she's really angry with him, but because she needs to let this feeling out.

• Do you ever take it out on the people around you when you’re mad?

I think I do. I'm not very good at hiding my emotions or even controlling my emotions, I guess. Usually, whoever is around me is going to be in trouble. I feel really bad when I catch myself doing it. I try not to take it out on other people, but every now and then, it will happen. If I've got some bad news, or I'm sad, or not if I'm angry, I guess. If I'm angry with someone, I don't take it out on other people, but if I'm sad mostly, I might not talk about it but I might get irritated for the stupidest reasons and I will take it out on whoever is around me.

Call someone names

'Did he call you names?'

• If you’re calling someone names, are you insulting them or simply talking about them?

If you are calling someone names, and no, I'm not talking about George, Patricia, Harry, I'm talking about rude names. That means that you are insulting them. Yes, calling someone names means you are insulting them. I'm not going to give you any examples. I feel like you know what words we're talking about here.

• Has anybody ever called you names?

Not to my face. I'm pretty sure somebody's said some pretty bad things about me and even called me names. They probably called me like a b*tch, or an idiot, but not to my face.

Be out of line

'I mean, no, but still, he was so out of line...'

• If you think someone is out of line, you think their behavior is acceptable or not?

No. If someone is out of line, that means that the way they behaved was not acceptable.

• Was there a time when you were having an argument and you think you were out of line or the person you were arguing with was out of line?

Yes. I think I've said this before. I've gotten better now at handling fights or even heated discussions. In the past, I wasn't, I'm a very emotional person, and so I'm sure there were plenty of times when I said things that I didn't mean and I was definitely out of line and I shouldn't have acted or said the things that I said, but I've grown and I've learned. No, now I don't think I'm ever really out of line.

Give someone the finger

'He gave you the finger, didn’t he?'

• If you give someone the finger, what finger are you showing them?

What do you think? It's not going to be the pinky, I can tell you that. If you give someone the finger, that means that you're showing the other person your middle finger.

• Why would you give someone the finger?

Woo. I don't know. There's plenty of reasons. Mostly because you're angry at them and you want a quick way to insult them without actually using words, but I don't know. You're mad at them because they stole your parking spot or they cut you off in traffic or I don't know, they're just being rude to you and you want to say something back, I guess. I don't know.

• Have you ever given someone the finger?

I don't really think so. Maybe to my boyfriend like as a joke, but no, I don't- It's just not the way I express myself. I don't get anything out of giving someone the finger. I don't know why it doesn't make me feel better, a nice insult, yes, sure. Why not? That makes me feel better, but giving someone the finger, I don't know. It just doesn't do anything for me.

Blow a raspberry

'... he’s just blowing a raspberry.'

• If you’re blowing a raspberry, what sound will you make?

Here we go. This is what blowing a raspberry sounds like. [blows a raspberry] I can't believe it I just blew a raspberry in the bathroom. I can't believe it.

• What do you need to do in order to blow a raspberry?

Let's break it down together. You stick your tongue out, then once it's out and it's resting between your lips- This sounds like a science class on how to blow a raspberry. Once it's resting there, hold on let me try it, then you blow a little bit of air out. It's got to be pretty- You got to let the air out all at once.

• Who is most likely to blow a raspberry? A child or an adult?

A child, definitely. I think an adult is more likely to maybe give someone the finger, but I think the world would be a much better place if adults started blowing raspberries instead. Can you just imagine, you're driving on the highway and someone cuts you off and you just blow them the raspberry? I would love to see the other person's reaction.

• Can you recall the last time you blew a raspberry?

I think maybe once again as a joke to my boyfriend. This is going to probably be really funny, but I don't think I'm very good at blowing raspberries. I think that there's people-- I know it's not like any crazy skill, but I don't like the way I blow raspberries. Trust me, I've tried to work on that, but I haven't perfected it so, yeah, I don't blow raspberries very often.

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