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Facebook official


Thirst trap


Instagram handle


Claire: Hey Lizzie! Guess what?
Lizzie: What?
Claire: I have a boyfriend!
Lizzie: Wait, are you talking about that Michele something?
Claire: Yep! We just made it Facebook official!
Lizzie: Oh, boy… That is serious! How did you guys meet again?
Claire: On Instagram! He started deep-liking a bunch of pictures that I posted like two or three years ago so I checked out his profile and I couldn’t believe it, like, he was just so hot!
Lizzie: Let me see a picture.
Claire: I mean… Look at this. That used to be his profile pic.
Lizzie: Man, talk about a thirst trap… Why do men post these kinds of pictures?! I don’t get it…
Claire: Stop it! Leave him alone!
Lizzie: What’s his Instagram?
Claire: Why do you want to know? So you can spend the rest of the night hate-watch all his reels?
Lizzie: I would never!
Claire: Yes, you would.
Lizzie: Yeah, you’re right, I totally would and I totally am! What’s his Instagram handle?
Claire: I’m not telling you. You’ve never liked any guy I’ve liked anyway.
Lizzie: Oh, shut up. What’s his Instagram?
Claire: @fluffypancake88
Lizzie: Come on, I’m serious!
Claire: So am I!
Lizzie: No way, I’ve found him. Oh look. He just posted a new picture!… With a girl… who’s showing off her engagement ring…
Claire: Wait, what?
Lizzie: I-
Claire: Let me see! That dirty little-


Facebook official

'Yep! We just made it Facebook official!'

• What does making your relationship Facebook official mean? That it is a serious relationship or not?

Yes. When you make your relationship Facebook official, that means that things are getting serious. You're no longer dating casually. You are now boyfriend and girlfriend and you kind of want the whole world to know.

• What do you need to do in order for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to become Facebook official?

t do you need to do in order for you and your boyfriend or your girlfriend or whatever to become Facebook official? In order for you two guys to become Facebook official, you need to change your status on Facebook. And now I know there is going to be some of you who were born in the 2000s and are like Facebook? What is Facebook? I know. I know. Facebook is for old people, me included. But what can I tell you? This is an expression that is still in use, even though people say that Facebook is not going to be around in a few years. But as of right now, it is, you know, used. So I might as well teach it to you guys. So if you are on Facebook, which I'm sure some of you are not, but most of you probably are, you know that you can change the status of your relationship. You can see whether you're single. I believe that you can even say that you're like looking or something, or you can set your relationship status as complicated and then you can officially say that you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and you can even say who that person is if they're on Facebook. So yeah, it's something that used to be really important. I guess it meant, you know, you were you're telling the world that you were with a person. So making things Facebook official, I don't want to say it's like an engagement, but, you know, it used to be pretty important.

• Are you and your current partner Facebook official?

No, we are not. There's a couple of reasons for that. Number one, my boyfriend doesn't have Facebook. He's not on it. He actually I shouldn't say that he does have one, but he's he has like a fake profile just because he needed a Facebook account to sign up for certain things, like certain websites require it or something. But he doesn't he's like, not on it. His face is not on it. Which I love, by the way. I'm happy that he's not into social media. And the second reason is that, honestly, I don't think- Facebook used to be so important. I would hop on there and just like share my thoughts, like, you know, all these very deep quotes and stuff like that when I was a teenager. But I think now I'm not even posting on Facebook anymore. I use Instagram a lot more and I don't know, I'm kind of in a in a phase of my life where I guess I don't care if people know, you know, who I'm dating. Back then it used to be really important for me to kind of show off even. And now I realize that those things don't matter. So no, my boyfriend and I are not Facebook official, but it's still a very serious relationship.


'He started deep-liking a bunch of pictures I posted like two or three years ago.'

• If you deep-like someone’s post on social media, does that mean you interact with the post or that you just ignore it?

If you deep like someone's post, that means that you like it, comment on it sometimes. But yeah, mostly that you like it so you don't double tap on Instagram, the little thumbs up on Facebook, whatever it is, but you're liking someone's content on social media.

• In order for you to deep-like a post, does that post need to be posted recently or way in the past?

So this is the thing about deep-liking, that it's not just like, oh, someone's just posted a picture and I like it. No, I have to scroll. I have to go all the way back. So maybe check out someone's feed and then go all the way back maybe a few months ago or something. Find a picture that I like and then deep-like it. That is why it's called deep liking it, because you have to dig a little bit deeper to- before you like someone's picture.

• If you deep-like someone’s post, what does that mean? That you’re interested in that person or that you are not interested in them?

Well, if you took the time to go and visit someone's feed and then started scrolling all the way. You know, that takes time. And usually on social media, we don't take that kind of time to interact with content. So if you've taken that kind of time to deep-like someone's post from like a year ago, two years ago, that definitely is sending a message to the other person that it's like, okay, this person might be into you. Because otherwise people just just wouldn't do it.

• Have you ever deep-liked someone’s post? Whose post was it?

Um, I don't really think I have. I think it would be a really good way to kind of show someone that you're interested without telling them directly. I think it's a clever way to do that. But no, I don't think I ever have. I don't think I ever had to show someone. And I also never had, like, boyfriends that I met on social media. I did meet some of my boyfriends on dating apps. But that's different. You can't deep like pictures or anything like that. So, I mean, I've looked at pictures from like years before that my boyfriends had posted just because obviously who doesn't do that? Everybody likes to find out more about their current partner's past. But then I never deep liked any of their pictures because also that would be maybe a little bit too much. It would show them that I care a little bit too much. And I, especially at the beginning of a relationship, I always try to play it cool, like, Yeah, sure. Like I'm into you, but like, not that much, you know?

Thirst trap

'Man, talk about a thirst trap…'

• What can a thirst trap be? A photo or a post?

So a thirst trap can be both. But I want to say that you usually refer to that when talking about a photo. So a picture that someone posts on social media.

• What is the purpose of a thirst trap? Showing what you’ve been up to during the day or to attract attention?

When you are posting a thirst trap, that means that you're trying to get attention. So you're not posting your breakfast, you're not posting how well your laundry was folded. You are posting something that will make people stop when they're scrolling on social media.

• What type of attention are you seeking when posting a thirst trap?

Well, it's usually sexual attention, so a thirst trap can be- so a lot of men will post like the classic picture of them taking a selfie in front of the mirror without their shirt on. For girls, it could be like a very sexual photograph that they take at the beach or in the pool. Or maybe, I don't know, just anything that looks sexual and that's meant to- that's clearly meant to attract that type of attention

• Have you ever posted a thirst trap?

I did. I actually did, you guys. A couple times when I was back in the U.S. At that time, I was in two long distance relationships. It was not at the same time. Okay? It was one after the other. But, you know, I just I guess I wanted to kind of show off back then. I was going to the gym, like every day. So I was in shape. And I guess, you know, it was just a little message, but like, not a direct message. You know, I didn't want to send certain pictures directly to my boyfriends because that would have been too much. So I just posted it online and like, oh, yeah, just by the way, you know, look at me. And yeah, so it was just it was nothing crazy. It was just me in a bathing suit kinda showing off in front of the mirror. And yeah they were successful. They got I got the attention that I was seeking.


'So you can spend the rest of the night hate-watching all his reels?'

• If you hate-watch a show or someone’s videos, does that mean you genuinely enjoy the content or not?

No. If you are hate watching a show or someone's videos or someone's content, that means that you're not enjoying the content like you're not- You don't like the content, you're watching it for a different reason.

• What is the purpose of hate-watching a video?

This is a very weird thing and I'm not even sure everybody experiences it. I know I do. So it's when you watch a video and you're not really liking what you see. Like if I'm watching like a music video or something, you know, where my favorite band plays or something, that's something that I genuinely enjoy. I really like watching that type of content or, you know, if it's a really good movie, I enjoy watching it, but then there's some type of content that I like watching that I just watch it because I, I don't like it. And then you're like, But if you don't like it, why are you watching it? I don't know. That's the whole thing about hate-watching something. You just kind of enjoy the, the fact that you can mock, that you can criticize what the people are doing or the type of content. And yeah, and I know it's weird and I know it sounds like a waste time, but I do do it.

• Have you ever hate-watched something?

Yes. Like I said, I have I do it all the time. I think my number one thing that I hate watch is reality TV. So lately I've been watching been binge watching, actually the show 90 Day Fiancé. And it's like the worst of the worst that you could possibly have, I think in reality TV. And part of me like I'm conflicted because I'm watching it and I know that it's just it's so bad. It's like doing nothing for me except maybe like once every two 2 hours, I might come across a new expression, but not even because the language that they use is just very, very basic. But I don't know, the whole dynamic, the whole- the conversations that people have on this show, they're just so cringy. And I don't know. I don't know why, but I get some sort of pleasure out of criticizing these people, what they're doing, the way they're thinking, the way they're acting. And yeah, I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I do- I love hate watching these types of shows.

Instagram handle

'What’s his Instagram handle?'

• What’s someone’s Instagram handle? The part that comes after the @ symbol or the content of your bio?

Your Instagram handle is the part that comes after the @ symbol. So I don't know @ and then whatever it is that your username is.

• What’s your Instagram handle?

Well, I think you know mine, if you follow me on social media, if you don't follow me on social media, what are you waiting for? I know, I know. You're like Lara, but you're not posting. I know. I'm so sorry. Anyway, this is not the time to talk about this. It's the time to talk about what an Instagram handle is. And mine is @enbooo.official, with three O's. So there you have it. I promise this wasn't planned. But while we're at it, why don't you go follow me on social media?

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