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Tear up



Feel all the feels


Beth: …and that’s when I realized that being 30 is not that different from being three. You’ve been wonderful, Milwaukee, thank you so much. And then I walk off stage and… Well, you know how that works. So what do you think? Did you like it?
Sarah: I- That was amazing. It, like, it literally gave me goosebumps.
Beth:Are- Are you tearing up?
Sarah: I mean, yeah, I’m probably just a little teary-eyed, what can I say? Just, I don’t know, what you said about that poor girl and what you did for her, you know, that- It was really moving. I’m sorry, I just… Do you have a kleenex? I don’t know maybe it’s the hormones because I’m pregnant but, I don’t know, I’m just feeling all the feels right now.
Beth:No, come on, don’t cry. You can’t cry!
Sarah: Why not?
Beth:Because those were jokes I wrote, I’m a stand-up comedian, I shouldn’t make you cry, in fact I’m pretty sure that’s the exact opposite of what I should do.
Sarah: Then I think you might want to make a few changes…



'That was amazing. It, like, it literally gave me goosebumps.'

• What are goosebumps? Little bumps that appear on your body or in your mouth?

So a goosebump is that small raised spot that you get on your skin. Usually you get it on your arms, on your legs, sometimes even on your back or on your stomach. You can also feel them- You can also get them on your head. I don't think you can get them on your hands, though, now that I think of it nor on your feet, if I'm not mistaken. But yeah, they are on your body, though definitely not in your mouth. If you get goosebumps in your mouth, that is extremely weird. I would definitely talk to a doctor in that case.

• What causes goosebumps?

I think the most popular cause for goosebumps would be you feeling cold. So when you're cold, you're out and about, you got nothing to cover yourself with, then you're going to get goose bumps. So this is your body's reaction to the cold. I'm not really sure why it does it, but I'm sure there like this wonderful explanation about it. But yeah, it's a reaction of your body when you're cold. However, in the story, the girl wasn't getting goosebumps because of the cold. She was getting them because she was feeling some powerful emotions. She was feeling a very deep feeling. And so when you're like watching a very powerful scene from a movie or you're listening to your favorite song or something, you might get goosebumps. Or maybe somebody says "I love you" for the first time. And that makes you feel this very powerful wave of emotion. In that case, you might get goosebumps. So I think these are the two reasons. And yeah, I think maybe the second one is not as common as the first one, but they both happen.

• When was the last time something gave you goosebumps?

I don't really remember. It doesn't happen to me that often. Like, unless I'm cold, in that case, I will have goosebumps. But other than that, I think, if I'm talking about like an emotion or something that I felt that gave me goose bumps, it must be what I was listening to one of my favorite songs. It does happen to me from time to time. If I have no distractions, I'm just listening to one of my favorite songs and I'm like, really focusing on the lyrics, sometimes the song will give me goosebumps, I will just feel it. It does happen to me from time to time. Not that often, but it does happen.

Tear up

'Are you tearing up?'

• If you tear up, do you have tears in your eyes or on your cheeks?

So if you're tearing up, that means that you start having tears in your eyes, so tears are forming in your eyes. You're not fully crying, but you're starting to. You might be able to stop yourself. You're at that point where you might still be able to stop it, if you want to. But you're definitely fighting that emotion. You're fighting that need to cry in that moment.

• Why would you tear up?

Well, it can be from sadness. It can be from even joy. Or if something makes you feel any type of way, really, you might tear up.

• What made you tear up recently?

Okay, a little disclaimer. This is going to be super cheesy, so if you're not a romantic person, I am sorry. For those of you who are, you're welcome. So you know that my boyfriend and I have been together for four years now. And, you know, especially when you're living together, you do tend to see each other a lot, you tell each other, I love you a lot. That's these are the normal things. And I think there's a tendency to start taking some things for granted. But I think a couple of weeks ago, he left to go to Norway on a work trip. And after he got off the plane, he sent me this very long, very sweet text message that was like listing all the things that he likes about me and the reasons why he likes living with me. And I don't know, it was totally out of the blue. I was not expecting it. And it made me tear up. I was alone, sitting on the couch. And I don't know, I just, I, I thought it was really sweet and, like I said, totally unexpected. So I definitely teared up. I didn't full on-cry. But it was it was pretty powerful.


'I’m probably just a little teary-eyed.'

• If you’re teary-eyed, are your eyes wet or not yet?

Yes. If you're teary eyed, that means that your eyes are starting to look wet. So you're starting kind of like, you know, when you're tearing up, although tearing up is a verb and teary eyed is an adjective. So when you're teary eyed, that means that you that tears are forming in your eyes and that you're about to cry. Not necessarily that you will cry. Maybe it's just a moment and, you know, the the happiness or the joy or the sadness that's causing this reaction is going to go away. But as of right now, yes, your eyes are definitely wet because you have tears in them.

• When was a time where you were teary-eyed? Why?

Okay, this is going to be embarrassing, but I am a hopeless romantic. I think you know this by now. And recently I've been binge-watching the show 90 Day Fiancé, and it's about these people that come from other countries and they go to the States to meet up with what they think is the love of their life. And, you know, a lot of times they meet at the airport and they're both super excited. Maybe they haven't seen each other in months, or maybe they have never even seen each other. And I don't know, I just love that part. And then there's also the part when they get married. Sometimes they do get married, sometimes not. And I don't I know, I know. Some of these relationships, by the way, are so unhealthy. And like, these people should not get married, but sometimes they do and I can't help it. I get teary-eyed whenever I see a wedding. I shouldn't say whenever I see a wedding, but when I sense that the feeling is genuine, I do get teary-eyed when watching those scenes. What can I tell you? I can't help it.


'… what you said about that poor girl and what you did for her, you know, that- It was really moving.'

• If something is moving, does it affect you or not?

Yes. If something is moving and I'm not talking about the verb, I'm talking about the adjective. If a situation, a phrase, a quote, a song, a poem is moving, that means that it affects you. It has some sort of- It can cause some sort of reaction within you.

• If something is moving, what type of feeling will it make you feel? A strong emotion or a mild one?

No, it's going to be a strong emotion. If something is moving it, it stirs you up inside, It does something within you and that can only be caused by a strong emotion.

• What are you likely to feel if something is moving? Sadness and sympathy or happiness and excitement?

Well, really, anything can be moving. It can be a good story. It can be a sad story. But usually when something is moving, that means that it inspires you. There's something that really touches you deeply. A lot of times it has to do with sadness or maybe a sad story that turned out well, or when you feel sympathy for the people involved as well. So maybe somebody rescued someone or or an animal- they saved someone's life or an animal's life, and then you feel like, wow, what a story. It was really moving. And a lot of times if something is moving, it might make you tear up. Not necessarily, but yeah, it just causes you to feel a very strong emotion.

• Can you think of any speeches you found moving?

Okay, this is going to be really weird. But when I thought about how to answer this question, immediately, the first thing that I thought of was the speech from the movie Braveheart. And if you haven't watched that movie, it's pretty old, but so, so good. I used to watch it when I was little. And there's this part within the movie, there's a speech that the main character gives, and they're about to go to war. They're about to start a battle. I don't want to spoil anything for you guys, but I don't know, and I like I don't relate to that at all because what do I know about starting a battle or starting a fight? These are just a bunch of warriors, like with their faces painted and all of that, but there's just something about the way that the actor delivers the speech and something about the words and the whole- I don't know, I guess the director was also very smart when it came to like shooting the scene, but I always found it very moving even to this day. And if you want, you know what, I'm going to do something that I don't often do, but I'm going to post the link to the speech in the description.

Feel all the feels

'I’m just feeling all the feels right now.'

• If someone is feeling all the feels, does that mean they’re experiencing one strong emotion or a wide range of emotions?

If you're feeling all the feels, that means that you're experiencing a wide range of emotions. So you go from feeling like sad and maybe like something that is said to you makes you feel happy. It just what it really means is like a funny expression to say that you're, in that moment, you're feeling very sensitive, you're feeling very emotional. And so anything that happens can cause a reaction within you. So maybe if you're feeling all the feels and they show you like the a cat that was abandoned or something, then you're much more likely to start crying as opposed if they showed it to you at a you know, at any other time. So, yeah, it just means if you're feeling all the feels, it just means that you're feeling very sensitive and anything will cause you to feel a very strong emotion.

• When are you more likely to feel all the feels?

I am a very sensitive person. I don't know, everything that happens affects me very deeply. That's both a good thing and a bad thing, I think. But I think a lot of times at night is when I think, okay, I'm- I realize I am feeling all the feels in that moment. Whether I don't know, maybe it's because I'm tired, maybe there's just something about not there being the sunlight, but I definitely feel all the feels and anything that happens to me if I have a fight with my boyfriend or if I'm watching like a sad movie or something, I'm much more likely to have a big reaction and

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