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Keep someone in the loop



Bring someone up to speed


Mr. Sanders: Okay, you ready? It’s 10. We can call her.
Monica: Hello?
Kate: Hey Monica. I’m calling you to find out more about what happened on Friday.
Monica: Oh, you want the 411?
Kate: Uh, yeah. I guess so. The last time we talked I asked you to keep me in the loop  but it’s Tuesday and I haven’t heard anything so I just wanted to give you a call to see where we’re at.
Monica: You want all the deets?
Kate: Uhm, yes, please?
Monica: Okay, so, he picked me up at 8…
Kate: Monica-
Monica: … He showed up with flowers and everything. I know, I know. What a gentleman. So he takes me to this little Italian restaurant, I forget what it’s called but anyway…
Kate: I’m so sorry. Monica?
Monica: … We stay there until they’re practically closing the place and then he asks me if I want to go to his hotel and you know me…
Kate: Monica, can you hear me?
Monica: …like, normally I wouldn’t but, you know, he came all this way, so we go up to his room, he closes the door, I go to the bathroom and when I walk out, he’s lying on the bed with his…
Kate: Monica!
Monica: What? Oh, sorry, am I oversharing again? Sorry, I do it all the time, but I thought you wanted to know everything…
Kate: Monica, I’m here with Mr. Sanders, our boss. You’re on speaker.
Monica: Wait, what? Then why did you ask me about my date?
Kate: I didn’t. I was referring to the meeting you had at Millers Inc. on Friday. I just wanted you to bring us up to speed!
Monica: Oh my, Mr. Sanders, I am so sorry. I just- I can’t-
Mr. Sanders: Oh no, don’t worry, Monica. So what happened then?
Monica: Oh, uhm, so I went to the Millers Inc. headquarters and-
Mr. Sanders: No, I meant with the guy. What happened when you walked out of the bathroom?



'Oh, you want the 411?'

• If you want the 411 on something, do you want to know more about something or do you not want to talk about a particular subject?

If you want the 411 on something, that means that you want to know more about something 411 is actually a synonym for information, is slang for the word information. And yeah, I know it sounds strange, but yeah, that's another way to say information.

• Where does the expression 411 come from? Is it a line taken from a commercial or is it a telephone number?

411 is actually a telephone number. I don't know if it still is, but he definitely was. Well, you know, back in the day and I don't know, I know a lot of you are probably young and they're like, what's a world without the Internet? But yeah, a few years ago, we didn't have the Internet. So when people wanted to, say, get someone's phone number, they couldn't google it. They had to find another way to get it. And that way, oftentimes in the U.S. and in Canada, was to dial the number 411 on their phone so they could talk to someone that would tell them, that would give them the information that they needed. And that's why the 411 has become a synonym for the word information. So there you go. You got a little bit of history as well.

Keep someone in the loop

'The last time we talked I asked you to keep me in the loop'

• If you keep someone in the loop, will you update them with new information or not?

Yes. If you keep someone in the loop, that means that you're going to keep them updated. You're going to give them new information. So you're just going to let them know what's going on. Basically, you're not going to exclude them from whatever is going on.

• If you keep someone in the loop, are you going to include them in the decision-making process or not?

Yes. When you, for example, ask someone, Hey, please keep me in the loop, that means please let me know what's going on. Keep me involved. If you're going to make a decision, I want to be aware of that. I want to know that. So, yeah, keeping someone in the loop just means including someone in the decision and in all the conversations that have to do with whatever it is that you're talking about.

• Was there a time when you were supposed to keep someone in the loop but forgot?

Um, I don't think so. I think I'm pretty good at keeping people in the loop if I tell them I will. There have been times when I had to, for example, give updates to my boss, you know, on certain conversations that I had with other clients. And I'm usually pretty good at like, you know, keeping my word and keeping the promises that I make. And that's probably because I hate the thought of people getting mad at me. So that's why whenever I say, like, I'm going to keep you in the loop, I do, because I don't want to feel- I don't want anybody to feel excluded, for one. And then I also, I don't know, I just I don't want people to get mad at me.


'You want all the deets?'

• What is deets short for?

Deets is short for details. So when you tell someone, give me the deets is like saying give me the details.

• How do you spell deets?

Okay. This is where it gets tricky because the word details is spelled D-E-T-A-I-L-S. So you only have one e. However, the word deets is actually spelled D-E-E-T-S. So you've got two E's. So you have this little difference. So make sure you remember that when writing this down. Details with one t deets with two E's and no A's.

• Is deets formal or informal?

The word deets is definitely informal, so you can use it in a conversation with a friend, chatting with a co-worker. Usually when you're referring to something that happened in your personal life, so, hey, come on, give me all the deets. I want to know all the deets. Whereas the word details is the word that you would normally use,I mean, the word details can be used in any circumstance, whereas the word deets just, yeah, don't use that with your boss or anything like that.


'Oh, sorry, am I oversharing again?'

• If you overshare, do you give too much information or not enough?

If you overshare, do you give too much information or not enough? If you overshare, that means that you giving too much information. You have that in the word itself "over share". So giving too much information. Sharing too much information.

• If you overshare, what kind of information do you share? Personal or work-related?

When-Well, I guess it depends. But usually when you say that you overshare, that means that you're sharing a lot of, like, personal, very intimate details about your life, things that you normally wouldn't share unless you were with a very close friend or someone that you know very, very well. So yeah, oversharing is just sharing a lot about your personal life with someone that you shouldn't be sharing all of that information with.

• Do you tend to overshare when meeting new people?

I think I, yeah, I'm probably the queen of oversharing, actually. Well, I don't know, though, because it depends. I think it really depends on the person that I have in front of me. I think if I sense that the other person is maybe not very mature or they're not maybe into very deep conversations, they don't like to talk about very personal things and they're not really prone to sharing things about themselves. Then, in that case, I usually kind of keep to myself. I'm not I'm not going to really say anything about my personal life. I'm going to just keep all conversations very, very, you know, superficial. And I'm not going to get too deep with them. On the other hand, if I do sense that the other person is someone that's also likely to overshare or at least to share some stuff about their personal life, In that case, I'm like- an open book and you know me like, you know, even on the podcast, I think a lot of times I overshare, but I like to be very open with the people that I meet. And yeah, in that case, a lot of times I'm like, All right, here's all of my childhood trauma. So yeah, I guess some people would say that I overshare, but I don't mind it, it's okay.

Bring someone up to speed

'I just wanted you to bring us up to speed!'

• If you bring someone up to speed, do you update them on a certain situation or do you keep all the information to yourself?

If you bring someone up to speed, that means that you update them on a certain situation. So you tell them what they've missed. Say that someone that you work with or that you go to school with has been gone for a couple of weeks. Maybe they knew what was going on at work or at school before they left and then boom, they go on vacation for a couple of weeks and then they come back. Obviously, they're not going to know what is up, what's going on. And so it might be your job to bring them up to speed, meaning to give them all the information necessary so that they will feel like they have never left. They will feel like they know exactly what's going on, even though they missed two weeks, for example.

• Imagine you’re talking to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. What would you tell them if you wanted to bring them up to speed on what’s going on in your life? Use just two or three sentences.

Okay. If I met someone that I haven't seen in a while and I wanted it to bring them up to speed on what's going on in my life, I would probably tell them that I moved back to Valencia, that I was away on a trip with my boyfriend for a few months. But now I'm back in Valencia. We moved into a new apartment and we decorated the whole thing. And that I'm working a lot. That's it. I think that that's what I would tell them, to bring them up to speed. And this has also giving me a chance to bring you guys up to speed. So I'm happy about that.

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