Episode 14 • Making a decision


Be up to (someone)

Put off a decision

Make up your mind

A tough call

Come to a decision


I was sitting in the room with the other judges. We had to make a decision and now it was up to me. Everybody had already voted and the room was split in half. The truth is, I didn’t want to be in that position. It’s too much responsibility. I wanted to put off the decision, maybe come back in the afternoon after thinking about it a bit more, but I knew I couldn’t. Everybody was looking at me, holding their breath. All those looks made it even more difficult for me to make up my mind. Why me? I didn’t want to be responsible for the future of these people. I kept looking at the two men in front of me, both of them looking back at me with pleading eyes, hoping I would be on their side. I finally announced: Listen, it’s a tough call! But I think I’ve finally come to a decision. The carrot cake is the winner! Yep, one of the toughest decisions of my life. That chocolate cake was also delicious. I’m telling you, being a judge at a pie contest is incredibly stressful!


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