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Work out


I gotta be honest with you. These past months, I haven’t exactly been paying attention to what I was eating, plus, you know, it was the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and before you know it, your pants don’t fit anymore. I wanted to work off a bit of the weight I’d gained and what better time to do that than the beginning of the year?! So I joined a gym, I don’t like machines so I decided to sign up for a class. Kickboxing sounded like something I could enjoy so, on Monday, I went. As soon as I walked into the room, I knew there was something wrong. First of all, I was the only man and secondly, I was the only one wearing boxing gloves. I was about to leave but the music started playing, everybody started moving and I simply couldn’t resist it! That was my first Zumba class and now I’m back here every Monday! I promise you! Working out has never been this fun!


Okay, so we're back. What a great experience this guy has had with this for his Zumba class. I personally have never tried Zumba.

Work off

'I wanted to work off a bit of the weight I’d gained.'

• If you want to work off weight, do you want to lose the weight or gain it?

Well, in this case, you want to lose it, you want to work it off.

• How much energy and physical activity is needed when trying to work off weight?

Now, normally it depends, but working off, when you say that someone's trying to work off some weight, then you have this image of someone putting a lot of energy into his physical activity or her physical activity.

• What things you do if you want to work off some extra weight?

I've tried it all. Well, except for Zumba, but I've done a lot of things from running on the treadmill, running outside. At the end of the day, I've noticed what works best for me because that's what I enjoy the most, is simply walking, which is not exactly intense physical activity. When I say that I'm exercising, my boyfriend actually laughs at me because he doesn't think that walking is exercising, but I enjoy it, and it does help me work off some extra weight when I gain it.


'So I joined a gym.'

• What do you have to do in order to join a gym? Pay or exercise?

Pay or exercise. Well, technically, the only thing you need to join a gym is pay. You don't need to go if you don't want to. It would be kind of silly, but you can just pay and say, "Hey, I gave him-- I don't know, $300, I've joined a gym." That's it.

• If you’re on vacation in a different city, is it a good idea to join a gym?

Well, no. In that case, you can still go to the gym, obviously. Maybe you're on vacation, but you still want to work out, but you wouldn't join it because joining a gym means that you plan on going there, you become a member. All right, so you plan on going there in the following months.

• If you have joined a gym, does that mean you actually go to the gym?

Well, this is the tricky part because how many of us have actually joined a gym, but then maybe went a couple of times and then stopped going? It's happened to me many times. There have been very few times in my life where I was really consistent with going to the gym, but most of the times, I would just join it, and then after a couple of weeks, I would just stop, I would just stop going.

• Have you ever joined a gym? Did you actually go?

Well, I already told you, so I have in the past. The only time I was really consistent, I think it was when I had a personal trainer, so I really did not have the option of not going, but other than that, I'm not into gyms anymore.

Sign up for

'So I decided to sign up for a class.'

• When do you sign up for a class? Before, during or after the class?

Signing up is something that happens before a class. You do it because you want to take a class in the future.

• If you sign up for a class, does that mean you will go for sure?

Again, very much like joining a gym, if you sign up for a class, that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to go. It would be rude not to go, it would be silly because you've shown interest in joining the class-- I'm sorry, in signing up for the class, but if you don't want to go, you can still not go. Maybe you'll lose money or maybe you'll lose that opportunity, but technically, you don't have to go.

• Have you ever signed up for a class at the gym? If not, what would you like to sign up for?

Yes, I did. I signed up for a spinning class. Actually, I went to three in total, and in the middle of last one, in the middle of the third one, I just left because I just couldn't. It was just-- I remember, I looked around, I'm like, "What am I doing? I don't want to be here. This is really tiring. I'd rather be home." I just left, so not a great experience with signing up for classes.

Boxing gloves

'I was the only one wearing boxing gloves.'

• What sport or sports are boxing gloves used for?

Anything connected to boxing.

• Have you ever tried on a pair of boxing gloves?

I've never done any of these sports like kickboxing or boxing itself. I haven't ever tried it, but I had a friend, my friend Bea who did, and he let me try a pair on.

Work out

'Working out has never been this fun.'

• Why do people work out?

The first thing that comes to mind, obviously, is because they want to lose weight. This is what we've been taught, but there are some people that actually enjoy-- I'm not one of them, I don't know if you can tell. They enjoy the feeling of working out, they want to get in better shape, they want to feel and be fitter.

• Imagine you've just played a soccer game, or a football game if you want to speak British English. It's the end of the game, can you say that you have worked out?

Technically, yes, because working out means doing some sort of physical exercise, some sort of physical activity to get in better shape, but if it's associated with playing, you don't really use the term workout. Workout is more like connected to the gym or maybe running, things like that, not things that involve games.

• Do you need any special equipment to work out?

No, not really. You can simply go running and that's a workout, you can-- I don't know, do some push-ups and that's a workout. So, no. No equipment is necessary, although it's pretty useful.

• Can you work out from home?

Yes. A workout can be performed at the gym or at home.

• Where do you like to work out? At home or at the gym?

I think if I have to choose to work out, which I'm not a big fan of anymore, but I'd rather do it at the gym. I feel like I'm not very disciplined and I just-- If I start working out at home, then I'll just quit in the middle because the bed is right there and the couch is right there. In the gym, you don't have that opportunity, so I prefer to be in that environment in order to work out.

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