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Help yourself to

Wolf down

Not agree

Pick at

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Last night, I came home after a long day at work, I decided to try a new French recipe. It was quite complicated so it took me two hours to cook. I quickly set the table and put the food in the middle. By the time I sat at the dinner table with my husband and my kid, I was so hungry. I quickly helped myself to some of this delicious dish and wolfed it down in 30 seconds. Then I looked at my husband’s plate. He hadn’t even touched the food. So I asked him what was wrong and he said he didn’t want to eat it because there was too much cheese in the dish and cheese doesn’t agree with him so he couldn’t have any. And then I looked over to my kid’s plate only to find out that he had only picked at his food and most of it was still there. Well, long story short, it was almost 11 pm when we sent out for a pizza! No more French recipes for me!


Help yourself to

'I quickly helped myself to some of this delicious dish.'

• Does somebody put the food on your plate for you or do you put it yourself?

Well, if you help yourself to food, that means that you take the food and you put it on your plate.

• In which place do you help yourself to food? A regular restaurant or a buffet?

Well, it's the buffet because at the buffet, you have to get up, you go to where all the food is, you decide which food you want, which would you don't want and then you put it on your plate. You help yourself to it.

• Normally, when somebody cooks at home, what happens? Does the person who cooked serve you or do you help yourself to the food?

I think it depends on where I am. If I have to think back to my childhood, I would say normally somebody else would serve the food and so I wouldn't help myself to it. Maybe they would ask me like, is this okay? Do you want more? Do you want less? I normally wouldn't help myself to food.

Wolf down

'… and wolfed it down in 30 seconds.'

• Do you eat quickly or slowly if you wolf something down?

Well obviously, you eat it quickly just like a wolf, super fast.

• Do you normally wolf down your food or take your time to eat it?

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I always wolf my food down. I don't know why. It's something that I don't pay attention to it. I wish I could change it. I normally realize only after having finished my meal. I'm like, "Oh, wow. I ate this entire thing in like 30 seconds. I wolfed it down." I wish I could enjoy food a little more so that I could take a little more time eating it, but unfortunately, nope. I wolf down my food.

Not agree with

'Cheese doesn’t agree with him.'

All right, in this case, you're not having a fight with the cheese. This is another type of disagreement.

• If the food doesn't agree with you, does it make you feel good or does it make you feel sick after eating it?

Well normally, if the food doesn't agree with you, it makes you feel sick.

• Which of these foods sometimes don’t agree with people? Milk, rice or spicy food?

Milk sometimes doesn't agree with people. There's people that are lactose intolerant, for example. Spicy food also sometimes doesn't agree with people, maybe it can give them some stomach issues or something like that. The rice? Yes. Rice normally agrees with people. It's something that's easily digestible, so it's not a problem for the body.

• Are there any foods that don’t agree with you?

Bear in mind that I'm not talking about foods that you don't like. I'm talking about foods that cause some discomfort to your body. I have to say I think normally, in general, I don't have any problem with specific foods, but I have noticed that sometimes cucumbers do not agree with me. For some reason, I like it, but if I eat cucumbers then I have a hard time digesting it. If I can, I try to avoid cucumbers because cucumbers don't agree with me.

Pick at

'He had only picked at his food.'

• If you only pick at the food you have in your plate, do you eat a lot of it or only a little bit?

Well, if you only pick at the food that you have on your plate, then you only eat a small part of it.

• What are some of the reasons for picking at your food?

Well, I can think of a few. For example, imagine that you don't like what you have on your plate, or imagine you're just in a bad mood and you don't feel like eating. You just had a fight with the person that's in front of you, sitting across from you at the table. You're just like, "I don't really want to eat right now." So you pick at your food. Maybe you put a little bit in your mouth and then you put the fork down and you play with your food a little bit. So that's picking at your food.

• When was the last time you picked at your food? Where were you? Why did you do it?

I can't think of the last time I picked at my food because normally if I have something on my plate, I will eat it. Maybe when I was a child, it was more common for me to do it, especially during lunchtime at school. A lot of times, I don't know when they would serve us vegetables, we were forced to eat it. Our teachers told us that we had to. A lot of times I didn't want to, I wasn't hungry or something, so I would play with it, I would pick at it, maybe eat one or two, and then leave the rest on the plate.

Send out for

'It was almost 11pm went we sent out for some pizza.'

• If you send out for food, do you leave your home or not?

No. If you send out for food, you stay at home, you get to stay in your pajama pants or whatever you're wearing, your comfy clothes, and you just stay there.

• Who do you call if you want to send out for food?

ell, there's lots and lots of different options nowadays if you want to send out for food. You could, for example, just call a restaurant, or there's lots of other apps like Uber Eats is one of the most popular ones, where you just give them a call or even just text them, select on the app what you want and you send out for food.

• When was the last time you sent out for food? What did you eat? Did it get to your house or work fast?

Not last night. The night before, and we sent out for some-- I'm not even sure what kind of cuisine that was. It was more like, I think it was an Asian restaurant. I had some chicken with rice and stuff like that. It was pretty quick. It was good. The food was good. I was happy with it. Warm. Yes, no problems with that. That's the last time that I sent out for food.

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