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Last week, school was awful. So many tests and so much homework. So, after my last class, I was like TGIF, you know? But then, I remembered I had promised my parents I’d help them with this DIY project in the kitchen. I was going to help them but… then I got a message from my friends telling me they were going to the movies and I got really bad FOMO. I tried to distract myself, waiting for my parents to come home but then I was like, you know what? YOLO! I took a pen, a Post-it note, simply wrote BRB and stuck it on the fridge. I went to the movies, but I felt guilty the whole time so when the movie finished, I decided to apologize to my parents. I was about to call them when I saw they’d sent me a photo. I opened it and it was the two of them… at Disneyland (yes, we live in Florida)! They’d gone without me to teach me a lesson! Wanna know how I know it? Because right below the picture they wrote… BRB!


All right, let's look at today's acronyms.


'So, after my last class, I was like TGIF.'

• What does the acronym TGIF stand for?​

The end of the week and I can finally say, "Thank God it's Friday. TGIF."​

• On what day of the week do you use TGIF?​

Well, believe it or not, it's actually on a Friday. TGIF, Thank God it's Friday.​

• Do you use it if you’ve had an easy week or a tough week?​

Well, you sound really relieved, right? Really happy that the week's over. Your week has probably been very, very tough.​

• Do you ever think TGIF?​

I used to think TGIF when I was teaching. Obviously, teaching is great. I love it, but you get to the end of the week, especially when you're working with kids, and you're just like, "TGIF." Now it doesn't really happen, because I love what I do and I don't get that feeling of exhilaration right before the weekend. Sometimes over the weekend, I'm like, "Ugh, I wish I could work, but I guess I have to take a break." No, not really, I don't think TGIF that much.​


'I had promised my parents I’d help them with this DIY project.'​

• What does the acronym DIY stand for?​

DIY, Do It Yourself. If you work on a DIY project.

• If you work on a DIY project, do you employ someone to do the work for you?​

Well, DIY means, do it yourself, so no, you don't employ anybody. You do it yourself. It's a DIY project. ​

• Which of these are not considered DIY projects? Decorating, building, repairing, cooking?

There's only one that's not DIY. It's Cooking. Cooking can not be considered DIY, but things like decorating, building, doing repairs around the house, these can be DIY projects if you decide to do them yourself.​

• If you have to do something around the house, do you prefer to do it as a DIY project, or you prefer to employ someone? ​

I prefer to do things as DIY projects. It's exciting because you get to go to the store, a DIY store by the way. You get to build what you need. I think it's a very creative process. Obviously, it takes up a lot more time, but also saves you quite a bit of money.​


'I got really bad FOMO.'

• What does the acronym FOMO stand for?​

FOMO, F-O-M-O, but we pronounce it as one word, FOMO, stands for Fear Of Missing Out.​

• How do you feel when you’re having FOMO? Excited or anxious?

We said it's a fear, so obviously you feel anxious. ​

• But why? Why would you feel anxious?

Well, knowing something's happening and that you can't attend, you can't go for some reason, causes you FOMO, the fear of missing out. That feeling of like, "Oh my gosh, they're having fun, I'm not having fun. I'm losing out on experiences, I'm missing out on an opportunity." It makes you feel anxious.​

• Do you ever get FOMO? What do you do if you do?​

I definitely do to some extent. I think it's very popular for a lot of people nowadays in the age of social media because we're so exposed to what everybody is doing all the time. If we can't, for some reason, participate then we feel left out and we get this anxiety. I feel if you are experiencing FOMO, the best thing is to remind yourself that you're doing the best that you can do with your life, and maybe disconnect from social media for a little bit, because that kind of pressure is never good for you. Yes, guys, FOMO is real.​


'You know what? YOLO!'​

YOLO has become super popular, again thanks to social media. ​

• What does it mean? What does the acronym YOLO stand for?​

YOLO, You Only Live Once.​

• Is YOLO a call to procrastinate or do something now?

YOLO. YOLO is like the 21st Century's carpe diem. It means, "Do it now, you only live once, you only have one life, you got to enjoy it. Don't procrastinate. Don't leave for tomorrow what you could do now. Be adventurous." ​

• And is it a call to do something boring or exciting?​

Well, you now going to be like "Oh my gosh, I have that exam to pass. I need to study. YOLO." No, it's quite the opposite. It's like, "Okay I got to study, but I want to go to the pool to have fun." Well, YOLO, you only live once, carpe diem, do something that's exciting and not something that's boring.​

• Do you ever do something because YOLO?​

I got to be honest here. I don't do it as much as I would want to. I've definitely thought about this before, okay? There have been moments when I was just like, "You know what? What the hell. YOLO." I made a go for it. Whether it was a small thing like going to a party or doing something that was outside of my comfort zone, or moving to a different country. Yes, definitely. But then I don't do it as much in my everyday life or at least not as much as I think I should. I definitely want to do it more in the future.​


'I simply wrote BRB.'​

• What does the acronym BRB stand for?​

BRB is Be Right Back.

• Is it mostly used when writing or speaking?​

BRB, it's mostly used when writing so, again, social media, emails, text messages. These are all great places to use BRB. Not really. Sometimes you can say it when you're speaking but it is not as popular.

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