Episode 26 • Travel


Get away

Boarding pass

Go through security




Last week I was so excited for my vacation to start. I really needed to get away for a few days! And Hawaii! What better place to go, right? Well, only… I didn’t go in the end. Wanna know why? Last Saturday I was at the airport, ready to go, only… when it was time to get on the plane, I realized… I didn’t have my boarding pass! I’m sure I lost it after going through security because they’d checked it. I ran back to look for it. I looked in the bathroom, the café, the shops, everywhere! I finally went back and asked the lady if she could please let me board the plane anyway but she kept saying she couldn’t. So there you go, no exotic holidays for me! I am having a staycation instead. It’s not a lot of fun, obviously, but hey it’s definitely cheaper and… more productive! Take yesterday, for example, I cleaned the whole house, and today, well, today I’m focusing on cleaning and organizing all my bags… I haven’t cleaned this bag in ages I don’t even know what I can…. wai-… wait a second… it’s- it’s my boarding pass! It’s been in my bag the whole time!!!


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