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Get away

Boarding pass

Go through security




Last week I was so excited for my vacation to start. I really needed to get away for a few days! And Hawaii! What better place to go, right? Well, only… I didn’t go in the end. Wanna know why? Last Saturday I was at the airport, ready to go, only… when it was time to get on the plane, I realized… I didn’t have my boarding pass! I’m sure I lost it after going through security because they’d checked it. I ran back to look for it. I looked in the bathroom, the café, the shops, everywhere! I finally went back and asked the lady if she could please let me board the plane anyway but she kept saying she couldn’t. So there you go, no exotic holidays for me! I am having a staycation instead. It’s not a lot of fun, obviously, but hey it’s definitely cheaper and… more productive! Take yesterday, for example, I cleaned the whole house, and today, well, today I’m focusing on cleaning and organizing all my bags… I haven’t cleaned this bag in ages I don’t even know what I can…. wai-… wait a second… it’s- it’s my boarding pass! It’s been in my bag the whole time!!!


Oh boy, I don't know if men can relate, but this happens to me probably once a month where I think I've lost something and then, boom, it's in my bag.

Get away

'I really needed to get away for a few days.'

• If you get away, do you go on vacation or come back from vacation?

Getting away means going on vacation, leaving to go on vacation.

• If you want to get away, are you excited about leaving the place you are in now or not? Why?

Yes, you're super excited. You can't wait to leave, but why? Well, I don't know. It depends. Maybe it's your job. You want to get away from your job because it's been very stressful or maybe you're just tired of living in the city. Whatever it is, getting away means escaping to go on vacation. There's this liberation feeling attached to it.

• How often do you feel like you want to get away for a few days?

In the past, that used to happen to me a lot, probably at least one once a month, especially when I was working at the same school, I just felt like I needed a break, I needed to get away. Now, it never happens to me because I'm traveling constantly so in fact, if anything, I feel like I need the opposite. I need to stay in one place.

Boarding pass

'I didn’t have my boarding pass.'

• What information can you find on a boarding pass?

A boarding pass contains a lot of information. For example, your name, your flight number, the gate number you have to go to, and then the seat number also.

• When do you get a boarding pass?

A boarding pass is given to you after checking in, either after checking in online or at the airport.

• Do you need to print out your boarding pass?

Well, no, of course not, we're in the 21st century. You don't need to print out anything anymore, almost. No, you can have it on your phone. If you want to print it out, of course, you can because you never know.

• Where do you usually keep your boarding pass?

In order not to lose it, I always keep my boarding pass right inside my passport and my passport in my bag, so I always know where it is because it's happened to me a few times where I've seen that people just accidentally drop their boarding pass so got to be careful.

Go through security

'I’m sure I lost it after going through security.'

• When do you go through security? Before or after getting on the plane?

Well, if you got through security after, it would be a problem. It wouldn't be very safe. No, you go through security before getting on the plane.

• What happens to your luggage when you go through security?

Your luggage goes through machine to check what's inside of it, to make sure you're not carrying anything dangerous.

• What about you? Do you also go through that machine?

Not really, I hope you've never done that, I don't even think it's safe. You go through a metal detector again to make sure that you're not carrying anything dangerous like a weapon or something like that.

• Have you ever had any problems while going through security?

I wouldn't really say that it was a problem, but my boyfriend and I got stopped a couple of times recently while going through security because we have packed what's both of spoon and a fork. I guess they couldn't really understand because it's a very unusual object, they couldn't really understand what it was and then they asked us to to take it out of the suitcase and then they checked to made sure that really there was no damage that we could have done with that because it's not sharp at all and so they let us keep it.


'I asked the lady if she could let me board the plane.'

• When do you board a plane? Before starting your journey or after?

Boarding a plane means getting on the plane. It's like a fancy way to say get on a plane. There's nothing else to it.

• Are you usually among the first ones to board a plane or among the last ones?

I'm going to be honest here, I know rationally, it doesn't make any sense because it's not like if you board the plane earlier, you're going to get a better seat or anything. I still get very anxious before boarding a plane because I want to make sure that I have enough space for my backpack and stuff like that. I try at least not to be among the last ones to board the plane.


'I am having a staycation instead.'

• If you go on a staycation, do you leave your town?

No, on a staycation, you do not leave your town. Now, you can leave your house. Which means if you want to go to a hotel, that's still considered a staycation, but it needs to be in your town.

• Do you work during a staycation?

No, that's very important. It's a vacation again, so even if you're staying in your city, you do not work. Otherwise, what kind of vacation would that be? Even though I do work on vacation so I should probably just shut up.

• What are some of the possible reasons for choosing a staycation?

Maybe you don't have money, you have a few days off from work, but you don't have enough money to go and stay somewhere else or leave your town or simply you can't be bothered. Sometimes it can be very stressful to plan a vacation. Sometimes you just want to relax and you know you can do that by staying at home and not go to work. That's it.

• Have you ever had a staycation?

Yes, I actually love staycations. I find them super relaxing because you don't have to stress out about anything. Then when I was living in Valencia in Spain, which is a city by the sea, it was like, "What is the point of going anywhere else? I've got the sea here, the weather is beautiful, and I got my own house, I don't have to pack." It seemed like the most sensible thing to do was to have a staycation at the time and I did. And I loved it. I really did.

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