Episode 27 • Travel



Baggage allowance policy

Check (a bag)

Baggage claim



Last week I had a flight to New Orleans so I put all I needed in what I thought was a small suitcase. I prefer to travel only with a carry-on, it makes things easier. Anyway, when I get to the airport, the lady there tells me their baggage allowance policy has changed and my bag was too big to be considered a carry-on so I had to check it AND pay! Ugh! I told her multiple times to please make sure nothing happened to my bag and she kept saying I didn’t need to worry. Anyway, I finally get to my destination and go straight to baggage claim to get my suitcase. I waited and waited and waited till there were no suitcases left on the belt. I knew it! This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen! They had lost my baggage! Airline Pigeon is the worst! I went immediately to the baggage claim office, which was right there. The man there quickly checked my flight information, then looked up at me and slowly said “That’s the wrong belt, sir. Your suitcase is right there”. Gosh… how embarrassing!


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