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Episode 3 • Food


Spice up

A recipe for disaster

Turn sour

Grill someone

Let someone stew


Last month I met my friend Mike. Mike has been married to Sophie for 23 years. Could you believe it? 23 years! Well, as you can imagine, it’s not easy to keep things interesting in a relationship after such a long time, so Mike decided to spice things up and plan a surprise trip for Sophie on their 23rd anniversary. He booked the flights, a hotel room for two and spent hundreds of dollars on flowers and chocolate. As soon as he told me, I knew it was a recipe for disaster. Just as I’d expected, a few days later Sophie found Mike’s credit card bill and that’s when things turned sour. Sophie was furious. She confronted Mike, she grilled him for hours trying to get an explanation but he kept giving her vague answers. He let her stew for a whole week. She was extremely angry because he wouldn’t give her any explanations. But you know what?! It think it was worth it. Sophie was the happiest woman in the world on the day she found out what Mike had planned for her!


Spice up

'Mike decided to spice things up.'

• What do spices do to a dish? Make it more or less interesting?

Obviously, spices make a dish more interesting.

• Why do you decide to spice a situation up? Because it’s okay or because you think it’s boring?

Obviously, if you think that a situation is boring, then you need to do something to spice it up, to make it more interesting.

• If you think your life is boring, what can you do to spice it up?

Maybe take up a new hobby or go skydiving. Do something crazy like that, no?

A recipe for disaster

'I knew it was a recipe for disaster.'

• A recipe for disaster is a situation that we think will have good or bad consequences?

If it's a recipe for disaster, it's a situation that probably will have that consequences.

• Which is a recipe for disaster? Driving without having slept enough? Or driving after sleeping?

If you drive and you haven't slept enough, that is a recipe for disaster.

• Why? What bad consequences could it have? What is the potential disaster?

If you drive without having slept enough, that means that you're probably tired and sleepy, and you could get into a car crash. So that is a recipe for disaster.

• Can you think of another recipe for disaster?

Again, since we're talking about food, if I have to think for myself, a recipe for disaster is for me to leave the house and go somewhere remote where there's no stores and not bring any food. That is a recipe for disaster, because if I get hungry, and there's no food around, oh boy, you should see me. That is a recipe for disaster.

Turn sour

'That’s when things turned sour.'

• How was the situation before? Good or bad?

Before things turned sour, things were good. The situation was good.

• How was the situation after turning sour?

Ooh, that's when the situation turned sour and so it got bad.

• Can you think of a situation in your life that turned sour? Why? What happened?

Let me think. This is a hard one. I think maybe the time when I skipped school. I was a teenager, and I skipped school, and my mom was a teacher, so she was pretty strict in general. Obviously, I got caught eventually, and that's when things turned sour. When my mom found out, she was really mad, like really mad. Guys, do not skip school.

Grill someone

'She grilled him for hours trying to get an explanation.'

Again, here, we're not talking about cooking anybody. There's no cooking involved.

• If you grill someone, do you talk to them or ask them questions?

To grill someone, you're asking them questions

• Are the questions casual or intense?

The questions are really intense.

• Why would you normally grill someone?

Maybe you think they're keeping a secret. Or you want them to confess something, and so you keep asking lots and lots of questions, very intense questions to finally get the answer that you want.

• Who would normally grill someone? The police or a waiter?

Hoping it's the police. I don't think a waiter would ever grill you. They will never come up to you being like, "So how was the chicken? Tell me about the chicken. Did you eat it? Why didn't you eat all of it?" That wouldn't be a very polite waiter.

• Have you ever grilled someone? Or have you ever been grilled?

Honestly, I don't think-- I can't think-- Maybe when I was younger, like teachers grill me for something, maybe-- I was a fairly good kid so I don't think-- No, I wouldn't say so. Grilling someone, I just don't feel comfortable. I normally just ask someone a question once. I don't grill them, and I just hope they're being honest.

Let someone stew

'He let her stew for a whole week.'

• If you let someone stew, is the other person relaxed or worried?

The other person is worried, terribly worried.

• Do you let someone stew accidentally or on purpose?

You do it on purpose. You want this person to suffer, to be worried for some reason or another.

• Did you ever let someone stew? Why? What happened?

I don't know if someone has ever let me stew because sometimes you don't know. Sometimes you just never find out. I know that with some of my ex-boyfriends I did it, so maybe I was mad for something, and then I told them, but then to teach them a lesson, I would maybe not really talk to them for a few hours, or just sort of-- I don't know, it's a little childish. Don't let people stew, just tell them what's wrong.

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