Episode 30 • Crime




Get pulled over


Give a ticket


I’m not a great driver, okay? I’ve never been but I try to drive safely. Yesterday I got distracted, only for a second, I promise. I checked my phone and as I did… BOOM. I hit something or… someone with my car. I panicked and instead of stopping I started driving even faster. I know that’s considered a hit-and-run but I got so scared I couldn’t even think properly! I drove a couple more miles and I thought maybe I had imagined it all. But I hadn’t, right behind me there was a police car getting closer and closer. Just as I’d expected, I got pulled over. I waited for the officer to come talk to me. I was about to cry, to tell him that yes, it had been me, that I was guilty, that I was a horrible person. But, to my surprise, he simply said ‘I don’t know if you realize it, miss, but you were speeding so, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to give you a ticket. Oh and, by the way, you should check your car, make sure it’s fine, I noticed you hit a big rock back there.’ That’s right. A stupid rock!


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