Episode 32 • Sleep


Take a nap

Go off

Hit the snooze button

Fall back asleep



My boyfriend always complains because I’m often late. But not last night, I thought. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I promised him I’d meet him at the restaurant at exactly 7 o’clock. But, since it was only 5, I thought I had time to take a nap, just 20 minutes. Well, 20 minutes later my alarm clock went off but did I get up? No! I hit the snooze button instead and fell back asleep. When I woke up I looked at my watch! Oh no! 7.30! I had overslept! I got dressed super quickly, I didn’t even shower, ran there risking getting hit by at least two cars and… he was not at the table! He’d already left! He obviously didn’t want to be with me anymore! I started crying in the middle of the restaurant. Everybody, including the waiters, were looking at me. Then I looked up and saw the bathroom door open and there he was, looking all confused. ‘What are you doing here already?’. I checked my phone. 6.45. What the-? And he goes: Oh yeah! I forgot! I’d changed the time on your watch so you wouldn’t be late!


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