Episode 35 • Animals


The elephant in the room

A little bird told me...

Hold your horses!

Guinea pig

It is like beating a dead horse


I went to visit my sister last week. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, maybe 6 months? When I told my parents I was going to visit her, they told me to be prepared because she looked very different. When I got to her house and saw her, I immediately understood what they were talking about. Her face looked completely different and her lips were probably three times bigger than they used to be. We sat in the living room and started talking but she didn’t say anything about her changes. But, at one point, I decided it was time to address the elephant in the room and I simply said “So… a little bird told me you’ve done something to your face….”. She wasn’t surprised I knew, quite the opposite and… she got really excited and told me she was getting another operation. I immediately went: “Hold your horses, what do you mean another operation?!” Yep, she said she was going to be the guinea pig for this new type of operation to make your eyes look bigger. I tried to convince her not to do it but it was like beating a dead horse. Look, this is what she looks like now. She posted this on Instagram.

Oh my God! Wait- She looks exactly like you!


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