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Episode 37 • Work


Be cut out for


Burned out

Set up an interview

Take over


K: That’s it, I don’t want this job anymore! Im not cut out for this. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to resign.

S: What are you talking about? Sir, you can’t do that!

K: But I’m so burned out. I feel like I don’t have time for myself anymore. I’m working all the time. When I started, I thought it was going to be easier. But I feel like this is too much responsibility now.

S: Sir, you don’t understand… It’s just… You cannot do that.

K: I don’t care! Set up a few interviews, see if you find someone that can take over.

S: But, Sir, how are we goin-? I mean, it’s impossible!

K: Just do what I tell you!

S: But, Sir, you’re- You’re the King!


All right, we're back. When I wrote this story, I actually didn't know or I still don't know what happens to a king, if they want to resign, like, is that even a thing? I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, let's get to our expressions.

Be cut out for

'I’m not cut out for this.'

• If you are cut out for a job or an activity, do you have the right qualities for it or not?

Yes, if you are cut out for a job or for a certain activity, you have the perfect qualities that you need in order to do it

• What are you cut out for? What are you not cut out for?

I think I am cut out for teaching. I am cut out to be a teacher because I am very patient, at least with my students not in my private life at all but with my students, I am very patient. I tend to be very empathetic, which means I have a good feeling of how the other person's feeling, and I think I'm pretty good at responding to that. I am cut out for teaching and what is something that you are not cut out for? Well, in my case, it's an easy one and my answer is I'm not cut out for sports. I suck at sports, I am terrible. I do okay with racket sports, such as tennis and ping pong and stuff like that but anything else that requires me holding or throwing a ball? I'm just the worst honestly.


'I’m going to resign.'

• If you decide to resign, do you plan to continue working where you are currently working in the future?

If you decide to resign, that means in the future, you do not want to work there anymore

Yes, I already said that you don't want to continue working where you are working now, so you resign. You leave your job voluntarily because you want to. Maybe you found a better job opportunity or maybe you're just tired of working where you're working and you don't want to work there anymore and you resign, go to your boss and say, "Sorry, I'm not going to be working here anymore."

• Have you ever resigned from a job?

I have resigned from a few jobs. I think the time that I should probably talk about was when I was around 20. I was 20 years old and I was working at this clothing store and I hated it. I was supposed to work there. I think only, yes, it was only on the weekends and I worked there one weekend and then the following weekend, I already went in there with the idea of resigning and I went in and I resigned I still worked that weekend but I just I hated it so much. So to speak, it was a nicer clothing store and it wasn't just about folding clothes. It was about trying to sell as many things as you could to the customers and it was just stressful. It was very competitive but that's a good example of a time when I resigned.

Burned out

'But I’m so burned out!'

• If you feel burned out, how are you feeling? Tired and unmotivated or full of energy and excited?

If you're feeling burned out, you are tired, motivated. You just don't want to do it. You don't have the energy.

• Why do you feel that way? Because you haven’t slept enough or because you’ve worked too much?

It's a second option. It's because you've worked too much. I'm sure you've had the feeling at some point in your life. It's usually connected to work but it can also be your personal life where you put so much work into something and then you feel like you don't have any energy left to keep doing what you're doing.

• Have you ever been burned out? When?

I felt that way. I felt like I was burnt out very recently, probably two to three months ago and that was because I was teaching online, I've already kind of touched on that before. I was basically working a lot of hours because I was not charging a lot. Obviously, I had to work a lot of hours to make sure I could get some money at the end of the month and that meant teaching around five hours a day and I don't know if-- but guys, when you're teaching, especially one-to-one classes, it takes a lot of energy, because you talk with people from all over the world and everybody's got their needs and their style of communication and you need to adapt as a teacher you need to adapt. It was really tiring and I think I did it for too long. I got to a point where I just had to quit, I just had to stop because I felt burned out. I felt like I didn't have the energy to keep giving classes.

Set up an interview

'Set up a few interviews.'

• If you set up an interview, do you schedule it or cancel it?

Setting up an interview means scheduling it

• Who sets up an interview? The employer, the boss, or the possible employee, the person that wants to work?

Well, the person who sets up the interview is the person who's in power. The employer, your boss, or your company, they schedule the interview, they decide when the interview is going to happen. They set up the interview.

• Have you ever had to set up an interview?

I've never had to do that, I've never been on the other side. I've always been on the side of the employee. I've had my bosses, like, senior teachers or companies that have set up an interview for me but no, personally, I've never had to set up an interview.

Take over

'See if you can find someone to take over.'

• If someone takes over your job, will they work with you or will they replace you?

If someone takes over, it means that they will replace you. They will start doing what you were doing.

• Why would someone need to take over your job?

The thing is that if they need to take over your job is because you can no longer do that job. Maybe let's say you are on vacation and someone needs to replace you or maybe you are going to be a mom, you're taking some time off of work.

• Have you ever taken over from someone at work?

Yes, as a teacher, I've taken over from other teachers a lot of times. I remember this one time specifically. There's a colleague of mine, she couldn't finish a course. I had to take over from her and finish the course for her and she had really scared me because she told me that she had these students and they were terrible, they chatted all the time, and they wouldn't listen, they were very disrespectful. I walked in there terrified, and they were adorable. It was one of the best classes I ever had. I don't know what happened there but I was sure was glad that I took over from her.

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