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Be in between jobs

Be laid off

Make a good living

9-5 job

Six-figure income


Are you in between jobs? Were you laid off and now you can’t find a job? Do you want to make a good living but you absolutely hate the idea of having to work a 9-5 job? Don’t worry! We’ve got the solution for you! You can start making a six-figure income right now without even leaving your home! That’s right! You heard us! What are you waiting for? Call now! 888-729-638

[Phone ringing]

[Phone gibberish]

Hello! Hi- Yeah.. So, I was just watching TV and saw-… That’s right…

[Phone gibberish]

Oh. I see. So I just need to give you my name, address, credit card details and THEN I can start working. Okay, sure… I don’t see anything wrong with that. So my name is Jessica Campbell. J-E-S…


Boy oh boy. I don't think things are going to go well for Jessica. I don't know what you guys think, but I don't know. I got a weird feeling about that phone call. Anyway, let's take a look at expression one.

Be in between jobs

'Are you in between jobs?'

• If you are in between jobs, are you working?

No. If you are in between jobs, you are not working.

• Which sounds better? Saying you are unemployed or saying you are in between jobs?

Well, say you are in between jobs sounds better. There's a simple reason for that. When you say that you are in between jobs, it kind of sounds like it's a temporary thing, like maybe you just lost your job and you're looking for a new job, so you sound a lot more optimistic about the future. If you say you're unemployed, it sounds a little bit more dramatic, but in the end they're synonyms, they mean the same thing.

• When was the last time you were in between jobs?

This past month I was in between jobs because I was working for a company. I was writing articles for them, and then they kind of stopped giving me work because they had problems. I was trying to find a new job and the whole month of February, I didn't work. I was in between jobs. Now, I think things are moving again, and I might be able to start working soon again, hopefully.

Be laid off

'Were you laid off and now you can’t find a job?'

• If you are laid off from your job, will you continue working where you are currently working or not?

If you are laid off from a job, that means that in the future, you will not work there.

• If you are laid off, do you leave your job voluntarily or not?

No, this is different from the word we looked at the past episode, resign. If you are laid off, it's your company that decides that you will no longer work for them.

• What can be the reasons for getting laid off?

Is it because you did something wrong, not really. When you use the term to be laid off, it means that your company needs to let you go because maybe they can not afford keeping you anymore, maybe production has gone down and they're having financial troubles and they just cannot have an extra employee, and so they lay off some people. Some people are laid off. That's a reason.

• Have you ever been laid off?

No, not really. The only times I ever stopped working for a company was because I resigned or I just left or I stopped accepting jobs from them, but no, not really, I have never been laid off.

Make a good living

'Do you want to make a good living?'

• If you make a good living, how much money do you earn? Just enough or more than enough?

If you make a good living, that's important, you make more than enough money to support yourself.

• How much would you need to make in your country now if you want to say you’re making a good living?

Right now, as some of you may know, I'm traveling I'm in Asia, but I'm based in Spain. I think in Spain, probably with €2000 a month after tax, that would be enough to say you're making a good living because not only would you be able to support yourself and to buy things like food and stuff like that. You would have more for fun expenses.

9-5 job

'You hate the idea of having to work a 9-5 job?'

• Which of these two jobs describes a 9-5 job? Working at an office or working as an influencer?

It is working at an office. Why do we call it a nine-to-five job? Well, usually with these types of jobs, like an office job, you go to work at around nine o'clock and then you finish work at around five o'clock. That's why it's called a nine-to-five job.

• When using the expression ‘9-5 job’, do you think of a fun or boring job?

A nine-to-five job is usually synonym for a boring job. It doesn't have to be okay, but now it's just the way people use it when talking about, "Oh, I worked a nine-to-five job my whole life." You're kind of telling the other person that you work the boring job because maybe they tend to be not as creative as other jobs. Obviously, being a painter is probably more creative than a nine-to-five job. Being a painter is more creative than what I do.

• Do you have a 9-5 job? What are the pros and cons of that?

I don't have a nine-to-five job. Honestly, a lot of times I wish I did. Not a lot of times, but sometimes I wish I did. I think one of the great pros, one of the great positive things about having a nine-to-five job is that you get a routine. You always know what's going to happen, you work at the same time, you get up at the same time every day. Also, it's about security because you always know how much you're going to make at the end of the month. Yes, I guess it's about security, about feeling safe. On the other hand, a lot of times these types of jobs are not very creative and that's something that I would miss. That's why I'm glad at the moment I'm not working a nine-to-five job, but I'm not potentially in the future I could decide to do that just for a little bit, just to experience it because I've never really done it.

Six-figure income

'You can start making a six-figure income right now.'

Okay, before we look at the questions, just let me clarify. We're talking about US dollars. The reason I say this is because, obviously, if you calculate your income in US dollars it's going to be different from calculating it in your country's currency.

• What is the mimimum you earn when making a six-figure income?

If you say that you make a six-figure income in America in the US that means you make at least $100,000. Six-figures, 100,000. 1-0-0-0-0-0-0. The reason people use this expression is because it means that you make good money, all right. The average is about, I believe $50,000 or $60,000 a year. Making almost twice as that, it's considered making very good money.

• What is the maximum?

Well, the maximum would be $999,999. 9-9-9-9-9-9. We still have our six figures. Obviously, it's a lot more money than 100,000. It's still six figures. Anyway, it's just a way when you don't want to specify how much you make, but you want to imply that someone makes a lot of money. You can just say he makes a six-figure income.

• Have you ever made a six-figure income?

Definitely not, not even close. I've been closer to a four-figure income than a six-figure income, but who knows maybe in the future.

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