Episode 40 • Eye


See eye to eye

Without batting an eye

Turn a blind eye

Give someone a black eye

Cry your eyes out


Teacher: Don’t you feel like sometimes it’s really hard to be a teacher?

Colleague: Why? What happened?

Teacher: Well, we had a test today. My student Mark, you know him, right? Well he got an A. Only… later I checked his test and realized he’d copied the whole thing… Now I don’t know what to do…

Colleague: Listen… I know we don’t always see eye to eye but maybe you shouldn’t say anything this time.

Teacher: What are you saying?! I should give him his A without batting an eye?!

Colleague: I’m saying maybe you could turn a blind eye, just this once. Mark is a good kid.

Teacher: No, I need to go talk to him…

[Time passes]

Colleague: So what did you do in the end?

Teacher: I gave him a black eye.

Colleague: Wait-what? You hit him?

Teacher: No, not really. I confronted him and he began crying his eyes out. I couldn’t resist it. I felt so guilty for making him feel that way. So I went to hug him, only I didn’t see his backpack on the floor, I fell and accidentally hit him in the eye.

Colleague: Geez! So what happens now?

Teacher: Well, what am I supposed to do? Obviously, I’m going to give him an A+!


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