Episode 41 • Eye


Keep an eye on

Out of the corner of your eye

Make eye contact

Look someone in the eye

In the blink of an eye


Agent 1: I have a suspicious individual at the corner between 25th and 7th. I’ll keep an eye on him.
Agent 2: Copy that. What do you see exactly?
Agent 1: It looks like he’s trying to steal a car. I can’t see very well. I can only see him out of the corner of my eye.
Agent 2: Please provide a physical description.
Agent 1: I can’t turn around. He’s looking this way, if I turn around now I’ll make eye contact and he’ll know!
Agent 2: Okay. Then don’t look him in the eye! But we need a physical description to be able to locate him.
Agent 1: Okay. Let me just… Darn it! He’s gone.
Agent 2: What do you mean, he’s gone? Are you telling me he’s disappeared?! Just like that?! In the blink of an eye?!
Agent 1: I swear he was just- Wait- he was hiding under the car…
Agent 2: Yeah. He’s coming out now. I see him now. He’s around 40, tall, mustache. He’s wearing jeans, a blue baseball cap and a yellow shirt that says… Wait… I can’t see.. Oh yeah… that says Flex Auto… Repair. Auto Repair! Oh… Oh. Never mind… I think he’s a mechanic.


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