Episode 42 • Eye


Catch someone's eye

Cannot keep your eyes off of someone


Be a sight for sore eyes



I was at the pub last night all by myself. I was looking around and then this girl caught my eye. She was beautiful, like, really beautiful. We’re talking Instagram model-beautiful. You know what I mean? Anyway, the thing is. I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her… And as I was about to look away, she winked at me! At first I wasn’t sure I thought it was impossible. But after a couple of minutes, it happened again. She winked at me! Not once, but twice! That’s it! I thought. I decided to go talk to her. Only… I never know what to say to girls, so the first thing I could think of was something I heard Ryan Gosling say in a movie and I simply went You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that? She looked at me and blinked a couple of times, looking very confused and then she went… Oh no! Did that happen again? Gosh, It’s just… I’m sorry… It’s just a nervous tic!


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