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Episode 42 • Eye


Catch someone's eye

Cannot keep your eyes off of someone


Be a sight for sore eyes



I was at the pub last night all by myself. I was looking around and then this girl caught my eye. She was beautiful, like, really beautiful. We’re talking Instagram model-beautiful. You know what I mean? Anyway, the thing is. I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her… And as I was about to look away, she winked at me! At first I wasn’t sure I thought it was impossible. But after a couple of minutes, it happened again. She winked at me! Not once, but twice! That’s it! I thought. I decided to go talk to her. Only… I never know what to say to girls, so the first thing I could think of was something I heard Ryan Gosling say in a movie and I simply went You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that? She looked at me and blinked a couple of times, looking very confused and then she went… Oh no! Did that happen again? Gosh, It’s just… I’m sorry… It’s just a nervous tic!


Poor guy, but hey maybe they still went out after that and maybe a great love story started, who knows?

Catch someone’s eye

'And then this girl caught my eye.'

• If something or someone catches your eye, do you notice it or not?

Yes, you notice it. It catches your eye.

• If something catches your eye, is it usually remarkable in your opinion or not?

Yes, something that catches your eye is something that makes you stop and notice it. It's got to be remarkable for you. If I see, for example a bench on the side of the road, it's not going to catch my eye because it's got nothing special about it. What if it's super colorful and it's got a very bright message on it, something written? Then it may catch my eye.

• What kind of things catch your eye?

If I'm walking down the street, some of the things that catch my eye could be cats, because I like cats. Then it would be maybe a couple kissing, it would make me go and turn around, or someone wearing some very unusual clothes. These are all things that would catch my eye.

Cannot keep your eyes off of someone

'I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.'

• If you cannot keep your eyes off of someone, are you able to stop looking at them?

No, or better, you don't want to stop looking at them. Obviously, there's nobody forcing you to look at them so you can still look away, but it's really hard to stop looking at them.

• Is this often used to describe something/someone ugly or beautiful?

If you can not keep your eyes off of someone, it's usually because they're very beautiful or the thing you're looking at is is very beautiful.

• When was the last time you felt like you couldn’t keep your eyes off of something or someone?

The romantic in me would like to say, the last time I couldn't keep my eyes off of someone was when I looked at my boyfriend, but as much as I love my boyfriend in reality the last time I couldn't keep my guys off of something was when I saw a monkey, because I'm in Malaysia right now, there's lots of monkeys. Not lots of monkeys, but there's quite a few monkeys. When I see one, I just go crazy and when I see them I cannot keep my eyes off of them, because I think they're super cute and adorable and I love what they do, although I'm also a little bit scared of monkeys.


'She winked at me!'

• If you wink, do you close one eye or both?

If you wink you close only one eye.

• Do you close it quickly or not?

Yes, very quick. Now, close one eye very quickly and you will know what winking is. That's right. Did you just wink in public? I hope it doesn't get you in trouble.

• Which of the following does a wink usually NOT indicate? Sexual interest, a secret, a joke, a doubt?

Careful, listen, it does not indicate sexual interest. It does not indicate a secret, a joke or a doubt. You cannot use a wink to indicate a doubt. That would be very weird, nobody would understand. You're like, "Hmm, I don't know wink." No you can't. I also just winked, but you couldn't see it. You can use it to show better sexual interests like, "Hello, pretty boy," wink, or, "Hey, don't tell anybody," wink, a secret. Or, "Oh, come on. I'm just joking." wink. Every time I go, it's a wink.

• Would you ever wink at someone you don’t know from across a bar?

I would never do it. It's something that you see in movies. I don't know if people actually do it, but I think winking to show sexual interest it's weird. Maybe in the past it was okay, but now I would not take it well.

Be a sight for sore eyes

'You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that?'

• If you say something or someone is a sight for sore eyes, are you saying you’re happy to see them or not?

Yes, if you tell someone, "You're sight for sore eyes," it means you're happy to see them, you're relieved to see them.

• Is this expression often used to tell someone they’re beautiful or funny?

Oftentimes, this expression, to be a sight for sore eyes, is used to tell someone else that they're beautiful. It means that your eyes were hurting before and now they feel better because they see something beautiful. Obviously, it's not real, but it's just an expression.

• Imagine you are very thirsty, what would be a sight for sore eyes?

What's the thing that you want to see that you would feel the most relieved to see? You're thirsty, so probably drinks, water, whatever it is. When you see water and you're very thirsty, maybe you've been thirsty for a while, you can say, "Oh my gosh, what a sight for sore eyes."


'She looked at me and blinked a couple of times.'

• If you blink, do you close one eye or both?

If you blink, you close both eyes.

• Do you close them quickly or not?

Yes, you close them super quickly. Now, do it. I'm sure you've done it a lot ever since you started listening to the episode. Blinking is what we do, though we do it because it's just we cannot help it. It hurts if you don't blink.

• How often do humans blink in one minute?

I actually don't know. Let me Google it. How often do humans blink in one minute? Google says, 15-20 times per minute. I don't know if that's true, I don't know if you want to count it. If you do go ahead and you got something to do for the next minute.

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