Episode 44 • Sexy but classy


Smoking hot

Hit on someone

Play footsie

Toy boy



Chris: Dude, thanks for inviting me to your family Christmas party.
John: Yeah, no problem. Nobody likes to be alone during the holidays.
Chris: Yeah, plus I’ve met this woman… I’m telling you… she’s smoking hot. We were sitting at the table earlier. I thought she was hitting on me, you know, she was making jokes and stuff, but then I was was like, no… that’s impossible. And then… she started to play footsie with me! I mean… she’s a little older than me but I wouldn’t mind being her toy boy. I want to go talk to her but I don’t want to go by myself. Come on, can you be my wingman?
John: I don’t know, man…
Chris: Please! It’ll be my Christmas present…
John: Fine. Where is she?
Chris: Right over there, look! Hey! Hey, Janice! This is my friend John.
Janice: Hey John.
John: Hi, mom.


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