Episode 45 • Body parts


Lend someone a hand


Get out of hand

Watch your mouth

Clear your throat


Tommy: Hey mom.
Mom: Hey sweetie, what’s going on?
Tommy: It’s just… mom. I can’t stand my neighbor.
Mom: Why?!
Tommy: [Clears throat] Well… She’s a nice old lady and everything but…
Mom: But what? I thought she was super helpful. Didn’t she even lend you a hand when you had to leave town and needed someone to feed your cat?
Tommy: [Clears throat] Yeah, but ever since then she’s been so annoying… She’s incredibly nosy
Mom: I’m sure it’s not that bad.
Tommy: No seriously… She looks in my mailbox. She talks to my friends when they come visit…and now things are just getting out of hand.
Mom: What do you mean?
Tommy: [Clears throat] The other day I came home and she was in my house! I swear… it’s getting so f*** annoying.
Mom: Tommy! Watch your mouth!
Tommy: Sorry, mom… It’s just. Ugh! [Clears throat]
Mom: Also… why do you keep clearing your throat?
Tommy: What? I’m not… What are y- Wait a second…
Neighbor: [Clears throat] Well, hello, neighbor.


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