Episode 46 • Time


In time

A waste of time

Run out of time

Time's up

On time


Luke: [Ticking] Gosh… we don’t have much time left, Julie.
Julie: Stop it, Luke. Don’t say that, you’re making me even more nervous…
Luke: We’re never going to make it in time!
Julie: Shut up, Luke! I’m trying to concentrate!
Luke: It’s a waste of time, Julie… We’re never going to make it anyway. Oh no, no, no… We’re running out of time! [Faster ticking] No, no, NO, NO!

[Bell rings]

Professor: And… time’s up! Give me the test, guys!
Luke: Ugh, great, Julie. Thanks… Next time I won’t be sitting next to you! Oh, but Professor, I haven’t finished my test!
Professor: Maybe… if you had showed up on time for class today… you would’ve had time to finish it, also you were talking to Julie the whole time so you both get an F!
(Both): What?!


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