Episode 47 • Difficulties


Man up

Cut someone some slack

Push someone

Can't take it anymore

Hang in there


Friend: So.. How was going back to the gym after quarantine? How did it go with your personal trainer?
Jim: Well, honestly, a bit harder than I thought. So, here’s what happened, I was there and…
Jim: That’s it, Mike… I can’t… I give up.
Mike: Oh, come on! Man up! This is only the first exercise!
Jim: Will you cut me some slack? I haven’t exercised in weeks!
Mike: Hey, my job is to push you! Seriously, Jim. It’s all in your mind! Your mind is what controls everything.
Jim: I promise, though! The pain is in my body… That’s it. I can’t take it anymore
Mike: Come on… Hang in there…! You’ve got this!
Jim: And… three! I did it! That was three push ups… Now, can I go home, please?


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