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Woman: Ugh. Can you hear the dripping?

Man: Yeah, I think the faucet is leaking again.

Woman: How annoying… I think we should just call a plumber.

Man: No, I can do it.

[Clunking noises]

Man: Look, you just need to turn this, then push this and then… If I remove this…

[Water gushing]

Woman: Oh my gosh, look at you! You’re all soaked now… Listen, honey, let’s just call a plumber… please.

Man: No… I’ll just get some dry clothes and try again.

Woman: Okay… But… careful! There’s a big puddle right there and you might…


Woman: Fall…

Man: Fine!… Give me the number of the plumber!


Okay, I went for a classic here. I think we're all guilty of that. We see that something's broken around the house and we decide we want to fix it and then we messed it up even more. Although actually, I'm not guilty of that because I usually just don't try to fix things because I know I can't do it.


'Can you hear the dripping?'

• If something is dripping, what sound will it make?

It's going to make this sound. [dripping sound]

• What can drip?

It's usually a liquid. Well, not usually it's a liquid, it can either be water or sweat. It's a little gross, but sweat can drip.

• Does it bother you when your faucet is dripping or are you able to just ignore it?

Well, personally, I think I'm pretty good at blocking annoying sounds in general. If I'm working I'm reading something or I'm editing something, usually, I'm not that distracted by background noises, but I have to be honest, the sound of a faucet dripping, it is pretty annoying. Usually, I'll do something about it. I can't stand it.


'I think the faucet is leaking again.'

• If a faucet is leaking, how much water is coming out of it? A lot or just a bit?

If a faucet is leaking, there's only a little bit of water that's coming out of it, enough to be annoying, but only a little bit.

• If something is leaking, is it intentional or an accident?

It's usually an accident. It means that this object, for example, the faucet, is broken, or if we're talking about maybe a bucket, maybe there's a hole or maybe there's a crack in it and so the water is leaking out of it, but not intentionally.

• Have you ever had a faucet that leaked? What did you do?

Actually, my mom still has a faucet that is leaking and she's not doing anything about it. The only thing that she does is putting rags around it so that they will absorb the water. I think it's a money issue. She doesn't want to call the plumber because she's afraid it's going to be too expensive, but I'm just afraid someday that the kitchen will turn into a bathtub. Hopefully, she's going to do something about it soon.


'I think we should just call a plumber.'

First of all, have you noticed that I don't say plumBer but plum(b)er? The B is silent.

• What will a plumber normally repair? Pipes or ovens?

A plumber usually repairs pipes. Anything that's really connected to water, so something in the bathroom, like a sink, a shower, a toilet, stuff like that, but also in the kitchen if it has to do with water.

• How often do you call a plumber? Regularly or only on special occasions?

Usually, a plumber is someone that you call on special occasions. Maybe something breaks or maybe you need to do some renovations around the house, you will call the plumber in that case.

• When was the last time you had to call a plumber?

I haven't called a plumber in forever, but there is one time actually, I can tell you a funny story. This was back when I was still traveling and I was in Putri Jaya, which is in Malaysia. I was staying at this fancy hotel, really nice, great room, great bathroom. I go into the bathroom and I turn on the water. What happens is the sink starts to fill up, meaning the water wasn't flowing away. It wasn't going anywhere because, you know that little like covered thingy that you have that covers the hole? Well, it was closed all the way down. It was all the way down so the water couldn't flow away. I tried to look because usually there's like a little lever or a little button that you can push and that will make it come up, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I finally ended up calling someone from the staff of the hotel. I remember it was so embarrassing because this poor guy came all the way up and he looked at the sink and he just looked at me confused and then he just went, he pushed the little cover down with his finger and the thing I think popped up and that's it and the water went away. That was really embarrassing, but at least it got solved. No plumber in that case, although I was close to calling a plumber.


'You’re all soaked now.'

• If something is soaked, is it very wet or just a little wet?

If something is soaked it's very wet.

• Can a piece of plastic be soaked?

No, not really because plastic cannot absorb water. In order for an object to be soaked, it in needs to be able to absorb water.

• Can a person be soaked?

Well, can you absorb water? Yes, you can. We're kind of waterproof. Our skin is waterproof, but not our hair and not our clothes. So yes, if you're out in the rain, you can get soaked. It hasn't rained a lot recently, but I remember this one time when I was in the Maldives. I was at the beach and the weather seemed fine. We packed our stuff and we had walked about 20 minutes from the guest house to the bikini beach. We were there and then all of a sudden it started raining, it started raining really, really hard and we didn't have anywhere to go. We just went back to the guest house. There were no buildings around, so we just had to walk back. There were a few Palm trees that could cover us, but it really didn't do much, so in the end we ended up getting to the guest house completely soaked.


'But... careful! There’s a big puddle right there and you might fall...'

• Is a puddle a deep pool of liquid or a shallow pool of liquid?

A puddle is a shallow pool of liquid, meaning there's not much water in it.

• Can you step in a puddle?

Although, usually parents tell you not to do that because otherwise your feet and your shoes and socks are going to get soaked, but yes, you can step in a puddle. In fact, it's really hard not to step in a puddle when it has rained and there's a lot of puddles on the streets. .

• Do you try to avoid puddles when it rains or it has rained?

Normally, yes, obviously, like most adults I try to avoid them. It's not very easy for me because I'm incredibly clumsy. I don't have very good control of my body. My body does whatever it wants to do, but I try to avoid them unless I'm wearing rain boots as there's nothing more fun than wearing rain boots while it's raining and not worrying about where you're going to step. It's just so freeing and I love that feeling. When I'm wearing rain boots, I just don't care, I just walk straight and I don't care how many puddles I have in front of me.

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