Episode 54 • Jokes


Play a prank on someone

Prank call

Got you!

The joke's on you

Pull someone's leg


Ricky: Hey. Hey, Luke. Wanna play a prank on my sister? She’s right over there.
Luke: What? Why?
Ricky: C’mon! It’ll be fun.
Luke: Alright… Have you got a plan?
Ricky: Ehm… How about a prank call?
Luke: Okay, whatever, but you’re making the call.
Ricky: Alright, okay, check this out.
[Phone rings]
Mary: Hello.
Ricky: [laughing] You don’t know me, but I know where you live and I’m coming over right now.
Mary: What? Who is this?
Ricky: Ha! Ha! Got you! [phone clicks] Man, that was funny! What is she-? Mary, Mary it was me! It was just a joke.
Mary: Oh, well, the joke’s on you, Ricky. I just called 911.
Ricky: What? Why would you do that? Oh no, I don’t want to go to jail. I’m so young. What are mom and dad going to say? Luke, please, tell her it was just a joke…
Mary: Oh my gosh, Ricky. I’m pulling your leg. Of course I didn’t call the police!
Ricky: Oh…Okay.


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