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Play the lead


Chick flick

End credits


Girl: Wow. That was a really good movie. What did you think of it?
Boy: Yeah, it was pretty good. I mean the cast was great.
Girl: Yeah, I guess they put together a nice cast.
Boy: Yeah, and I mean… Ehm.. What’s the name of the guy who played the lead?
Girl: Ryan Goslin.
Boy: Yeah, that’s the one! He was good! Oh, and the special effects? Those were good, too!
Girl: What special eff-? Yeah. But I didn’t like the ending… It was too gory for my taste… All that blood… Right?
Boy: Yeah, yeah… You’re right… It was too much. Definitely too gory, all that blood and violance, man, it was bad…
Girl: Uhm, there was no blood! It was a chick flick, how could there be blood? You didn’t watch the movie, did you?!
Boy: Well, I may have fallen asleep. But just for a little bit.
Girl: What do you mean? How much did you miss?!
Boy: Ehm… I think I woke up right before the end credits.
Girl: I can’t believe it.


Okay, I have to be honest, that kind of happens to me every time I watch a movie, especially if I'm at home, I can't stay awake for some reason.


'I mean the cast was great.'

• Who is part of the cast of the movie? The people in the movie or the people behind the camera?

The cast would be the people in the movie. So, we're talking about the actors.

• Think of your favorite movie, who was in the cast?

My favorite movie of all time is The Lord of the Rings, part III. So that is the Return of the King. If I have to think of a movie, and Elijah Wood was in the cast, by the way, but if I have to think of a movie with a great cast, it would have to be Gangs of New York. If you haven't watched it, it's a great movie. I think I've watched it like three or four times. I was obsessed with it. Daniel Day-Lewis is in the cast, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Liam Neeson, lots of great names. It's a really, really good movie.

Play the lead

'What’s the name of the guy who played the lead?'

• If you play the lead in a movie, do you appear a lot or just from time to time?

Do you appear a lot or just from time to time? If you play the lead, you appear a lot. You're the main character. You're the main actor.

• Can you have more than one lead in a movie?

Yes. Sometimes you can have maybe like two, you don't have like 30 leads. You can have one or two people that play the lead.

• Can you think of an actor who often plays the lead in the movies he’s in or she’s in?

I would have to say probably, Leonardo DiCaprio. I can't really think of a movie that he's in where he doesn't play the lead. Literally, like he's the main actor in pretty much every movie he's in. Correct me if I'm wrong, you can send me an email and say, "No, Leonardo DiCaprio, was in this movie and he didn't play the lead," but most of the times, he does. He's a really good actor.


'It was too gory for my taste.'

• If the movie you're watching is gory, what are you more likely to see? Blood or ghosts?

If a movie is gory, you're going to see a lot of blood, a lot of violence. Like, I don't know, people being cut up or people just like-- just a lot of blood and all that stuff.

• Can you think of a movie you've watched that was gory?

I don't watch gory movies usually but I think the-- an example, I can't really think of a movie because again if I know it's going to be gory, I'm not going to watch it because I think it's disgusting. I was watching, a few days ago, I started watching the series, what's it called? I think it's Mindhunter. Yes, I think it's Mindhunter. It's about this therapist that interviews killers, like serial killers. He asks a lot of questions and they're very graphic when they describe what they've done. Sometimes you'll see pictures and images and flashbacks. It's too gory for my taste to see a lot of blood, a lot of ugh, I can't. I can't stand it.

Chick flick

'It was a chick flick, how could there be blood?'

• Is a chick flick a movie mostly meant for a female audience or a male audience?

A chick flick, it's usually meant for a female audience. It comes from the word, obviously, chick, which is kind of slang for girl. It's not super nice. It's a bit sexist but that's what a chick flick is. People do call some movies chick flicks, mostly when it's intended for a female audience.

• Are chick flicks usually deep movies or not?

Not really, they're usually very light. It's what we would call romantic comedy or rom coms. It's about love and maybe they like the girl breaks up. Then she finds a boyfriend, something happens, something very light. It's usually not like a drama, or a thriller, or a horror movie. It's something very light and very sentimental, it has to do with feelings. That's why usually girls like it better than guys.

• Can you think of a movie that could be defined as a chick flick?

Whoof, there's a lot of movies out there that are chick flicks. One of my favorite ones from when I was younger used to be Mean Girls, which is if you want to really see what a chick flick is like, just watch Mean Girls because that's a great example. It's a very light movie. It's not deep or anything. It's pretty silly and mostly for girls. Yes, Mean Girls, let me know if you watched it because it used to be everywhere when I was younger.

End credits

'I think I woke up just right before the end credits.'

• When do you see the end credits? Before during or after a movie?

Well, they are called end credits for a reason, so after the movie.

• What do you see in the end credits? The names of the actors or their role?

You actually see both. Both the names of the actors and their role. They usually are side by side.

• Do you stay for the end credits or do you leave before?

Okay, I'm a little ashamed of this because I don't know if that's a good thing or-- well, actually, I know it's not a good thing but I don't know if it's really bad. I always leave before the end credits or during the end credits, I don't stay and watch the whole thing. Unless I know that there's something because sometimes some movies will include an extra clip at the end right after the end credits. In that case, I might stay but I find it a little boring, unfortunately. So a lot of times as soon as the movie is over, I just stand up and walk away. Yes, I'm a little ashamed of that but I think a lot of people, most people leave during the end credits and don't stay too for the whole thing.

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