Episode 55 • Movies



Play the lead


Chick flick

End credits


Girl: Wow. That was a really good movie. What did you think of it?
Boy: Yeah, it was pretty good. I mean the cast was great.
Girl: Yeah, I guess they put together a nice cast.
Boy: Yeah, and I mean… Ehm.. What’s the name of the guy who played the lead?
Girl: Ryan Goslin.
Boy: Yeah, that’s the one! He was good! Oh, and the special effects? Those were good, too!
Girl: What special eff-? Yeah. But I didn’t like the ending… It was too gory for my taste… All that blood… Right?
Boy: Yeah, yeah… You’re right… It was too much. Definitely too gory, all that blood and violance, man, it was bad…
Girl: Uhm, there was no blood! It was a chick flick, how could there be blood? You didn’t watch the movie, did you?!
Boy: Well, I may have fallen asleep. But just for a little bit.
Girl: What do you mean? How much did you miss?!
Boy: Ehm… I think I woke up right before the end credits.
Girl: I can’t believe it.


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