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Chipped tooth


Tony: Mom! Mom! Look what Dad has taught me to do!
Mom: Tony, don’t do that while you’re riding you bike! That’s dangerous! Frank, why would you teach him that?
Dad: Haha! Oh, come on… It’s not that dangerous!
[crashing noise]
Mom: Tony! Tony, are you okay? Oh, my gosh, you’re bleeding!
Dad: Marie, he’s just scraped his knees. It’s no big deal.
Mom: Are you serious, look at this wound?! He’s going to need stitches!
Dad: What are you talking about?! He’s okay, he just needs a Band-Aid. He’ll be fine.
Tony: No, mom, I’m okay. Seriously, mom, I feel super!
Mom: What’s that again, honey?
Tony: I said, I feel super!
Dad: Okay, maybe he’s got a chipped tooth.
Mom: Ya think?!


Okay, that's a classic, right? That's kind of stereotypical. The mother that's super worried, and the dad that's just kind of like, "No big deal. Nothing's happened."


'Marie, he’s just scraped his knees.'

• Is a scraped knee a serious injury?

Not really. Usually, it happens especially to kids. If you're running or roller skating or doing any type of activity that requires you to move, and you fall, especially on hard ground like concrete, you might get a scraped knee, which is basically like your skin gets lifted a little bit, and that's it.

• Do you bleed if you scrape your knee?

Not necessarily. You could. If maybe you weren't running too fast, your skin lifts up a bit, and that's it, you don't bleed. But sometimes you could bleed a little bit, but it's nothing serious.

• When was the last time you scraped your knees or another part of your body?

If you know me, and you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you'll know that I'm not exactly an adventurous person, so I think I have to go back a few years to think of a time when I scraped my knees. It was when I decided I wanted to learn how to roller skate. I got all ready, I went out there, but I didn't have any protections, and obviously, because it's part of the learning process, I fell and I scraped my knees. I had a big hole where my knees were in my pants, and not in my body, just in my pants, and my knees were just scraped. There was a little bit of blood coming out of it, but it was terrible because I hadn't felt that feeling in so long because it's usually something probably that would happen to me when I was a kid, so I was just like, "Okay, this is not for me. I don't like this feeling. I don't like getting hurt, even if it's just a scraped knee," so I quit.


'Are you serious, look at this wound?!'

• If you have a wound, what did you injure? A bone or your skin?

A wound is an injury that's usually connected to your skin.

• How can you get a wound?

Like we said, it's connected to the skin, so it's when your skin gets injured. There's multiple ways in which you can do that. You could get a cut, for example, while using a knife or using a pair of scissors. Then you could also, for example, that's not very likely, but maybe a bullet. You could get shot, and that would be considered a wound because it obviously injures the skin. Also, for example, if your oven or a pot is too hot, and you touch it, and you get a burn, that is also a wound because the burn kind of damages your skin.

• Would you know how to treat a wound?

I don't know much about first aid. I mean, if it's a small wound, you really don't have to do much, maybe disinfect it. But if it's a serious wound, then you definitely need to go to the hospital. Also, if you're losing a lot of blood, you need to make sure you apply pressure so that you don't lose too much blood.


'He’s going to need stitches!'

• If you need stitches, are you losing a lot of blood or not?

Yes, if you need stitches, you're losing a lot of blood because basically your skin has been ripped open, so there's a lot of blood coming out, and you need to make sure that you stop the bleeding.

• What is a stitch used for? To cover a wound or to close it?

It's used to close it up. Basically, you take the two parts of the skin that have been kind of ripped open, and you put them back together, and you sew it up just like you would a piece of clothing.

• What is used to apply a stitch?

Well, like I said, very much like you would for sewing, you would need a needle and some thread. That's actually kind of disgusting. Whenever I see that in movies, I can't watch while they do that.

• If you need stitches, where do you go? To the pharmacy or the hospital?

If you need stitches, that means that your wound is pretty serious, so you need to go to the hospital. At the pharmacy, they don't have the equipment they need to treat you in that case.

• Have you ever gotten stitches or do you know someone who’s gotten stitches?

Thank God, I have never needed stitches. I think, like I said, the worst that's ever happened to me has been scraping my knee, so no stitches there. My boyfriend actually told me his story. He was younger, and he was waiting at the bank while his mom was doing something. He was with a friend. I forget how how old he was, but he was pretty young. For some reason, he decided banging his head against the wall was a fun game and a good idea, so he kept doing that and kept doing that until it got so bad that he started bleeding. I'm pretty sure he had to go to the hospital, and he needed stitches.


'He’s okay, he just needs a Band-Aid.'

• What is a Band-Aid used for? To cover a deep wound or a small wound?

A band-aid is used to cover a small wound, so like a small cut or sometimes if you scraped your knee, it could also be useful.

• Are Band-Aids sticky or slippery?

Band-aids are sticky. At least one part is sticky because it's adhesive, it needs to stick to your skin so that it's going to stay there and it's not going to move. Then there's a little section that's not sticky, and that's the part that goes over the wound to protect it.

• Do you have Band-Aids at your house?

We do. We actually got them before our trip to Asia just in case anything happened, so we still have a bunch because we didn't use all of them.

Chipped tooth

'Okay, maybe he’s got a chipped tooth.'

• If you’ve got a chipped tooth, is yout tooth missing entirely or only partially?

If you've got a chipped tooth, you're only missing a little part of your tooth. It's a little broken.

• What normally leads to a chipped tooth?

Well, most times is due to a fall. You're running, you fall, you hit your face, and then a little piece of your tooth goes missing, and that's how you got a chipped tooth.

• Can you fix a chipped tooth?

I believe so. I think if you go to the dentist, and it's nothing major, usually they're able to repair it.

• Have you ever chipped a tooth?

No, God no. It's one of my worst nightmares. Every time I get accidentally hit in the face or I fall, which again, doesn't happen very often, I'm always touching my teeth making sure that they're fine. I haven't chipped the tooth yet.

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