Episode 57 • School


Turn in


Skip school

Perfect attendance

Play hookie


[Bell rings]
Girl: I’m so nervous, Alice.
Alice: Why?
Girl: What do you mean “Why”? Because today is the day we have to turn in our papers for Mrs. Willow’s class.
Alice: What? That was today?
Girl: Yeah, silly. It’s like 50% of our final grade. How could you forget?!
Alice: Oh, my gosh. What am I going to do?
Girl: Go home and pretend you’re sick.
Alice: What?! No, I’m not skipping school, I’ve got perfect attendance!
Girl: Well, I don’t see another way… You either play hooky or get an F…
Alice: Oh, man. Alright, fine. I’ll go home. Tell Mrs, Willow I’m sick, okay?
Girl: Alright. Now go, before she sees you.
Alice: Okay, bye!
[Bell rings]
Teacher: Good morning, guys! So, I’ve decided I’ll give you one extra day to finish your papers, so you can bring them tomorrow. Alright, let’s begin…
Girl: Oh man, Alice is going to kill me when she finds out…


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