Episode 58 • Memories


Bring back a memory

Take a trip down memory lane

Fond memories

Remember something as if it was yesterday

Remember something vividly


Grandma: Oh, Hannah! Look at you! This used to be my dress, you know?
Hannah: Yes, grandma. You gave it to me last year.
Grandma: My goodness, seeing you like this, brings back so many memories!
Hannah: Oh, oh, are you about to take a trip down memory lane?
Grandma: Oh, don’t be silly… It’s just, it reminds me of the time I took the most amazing trip of my life. Sweetie, have I ever told you about the man I was with before I met your grandpa? I was on a ship, traveling to go to America… And that’s where I met Jack, the sweetest, most wonderful lover that…
Hannah: Ew, grandma!
Grandma: What? I have such fond memories of him. Like the time he drew a picture of me. I remember it as if it were yesterday… And then again the time he met my family. I still vividly remember that we were all sitting at a table, me, my mom, my boyfriend and…
Hannah: Grandma, are you- Are you telling the story of the movie Titanic?
Grandma: So what? It’s a great story!


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