Episode 59 • Unexpected events


Take a rain check

Something comes up

Out of the blue

Snap decision



Jen: Hey Lucy!
Lucy: Hey Jen! What’s up? I was just getting ready to go to the restaurant. Are you ready yet?
Jen: Actually, Lucy. I’m going to have to take a rain check tonight.
What? Why?
Lucy: It’s just… something came up and I can’t come.
Jen: Why? What happened? Are you okay?
Lucy: Yeah, it’s just my cousin from Chicago, Melissa. She called me out of the blue and said she was flying here tonight. I’m actually with her on the other line.
Jen: Are you serious? Just like that?
Lucy: Yeah, I guess she made a snap decision… and she’ll be spending the night here.
Jen: What a bummer. Well, alright, then, I’ll talk to you later, okay?
Okay. Bye. Paul? Baby. I think she believed me… Okay, so should I come to your place or do you want to-
Lucy: Jen. Jen. It’s still me, Lucy.
Jen: I – I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Lucy: Jen, you called me.
[phone clicks]


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