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Ouija board

Bad juju

Feel a presence



Emily: Guys, why are we here?
John: We just wanted to do something fun tonight, Emily.
Emily: I don’t think we have the same idea of fun, John. This house looks really scary!
John: Yes! That’s ‘cuz it’s haunted. And look, Jesse even brought her ouija board.
Emily: No, Jesse, please. I don’t want to do this. It’s bad juju.
Jesse: Shut up, Emily, it’ll be fun! C’mon, let’s go inside.
[Door creaking]
Jesse: Okay, you sit over there and you sit over there. Perfect. Now put your fingers here, on this thing. Alright, now we gotta think of a question to ask the spirits.
Emily: Shhh. I feel a presence.
Jesse: Emily, are you sure?
Emily: Yes! Listen! [Emily clears her throat] Is there somebody else here with us?
John: Wh- What’s happening?!
Jesse: I don’t know…
John: Oh my gosh! Look! The table! It’s levitating.
Jesse: Aaah!
[Emily starts laughing]
John: Emily! Really? That was not funny!
Emily: Ah! See? I told you! C’mon, let’s get out of here.


That was a scary story. Just so you know, I'm probably going to say like 1,000 times that I don't believe in these things. I'm also really scared of these things. Anyway, let's take a look at the questions.


'Yes! That’s ‘cuz it’s haunted.'

• If a place is haunted, what are you likely to see there? Murderers, bugs or ghosts?

If a place is haunted, that means that you will probably see ghosts there. That means that ghosts often appear there.

• Would you spend the night in a haunted house?

No, no way. I don't understand why people would do that. There's people that even paid for that. Like that's some sort of experience, fun experience that you could have with your friends. I would never ever do that, again, because I don't believe in it, but I'm also really scared of these types of things.

Ouija board

'And look, Jesse even brought her ouija board.'

• What do you find on a Ouija board? Letters, numbers or both letters and numbers?

I have never seen an actual Ouija Board. I've only seen it in movies. I had to research that, but it's actually both letters and numbers.

• Is a Ouija board used to send messages to the spirits or to receive messages from the spirits?

It's only used to receive messages from the spirits. Normally, you would ask a question out loud, but since the spirits normally, people think that they can't really talk, they communicate through this Ouija Board. Basically what they will do, supposedly, if you believe in that, is that they will move your hands in a way to point to different letters, or to different numbers on the board, then put together words and then a sentence and a message.

• Would you ever use a Ouija board?

No, no, no. Never. Again, I don't believe in these things. It's just, I don't know, it makes me really uncomfortable. I don't know. I don't like to do anything connected to this type of world. I've probably been very influenced by movies and nothing good happens in movies when people use a Ouija Board. No, I'll pass. Thank you.

Bad juju

'It’s bad juju.'

• If you think something close to you is or has some bad juju, do you feel calm and happy around it or nervous and uneasy?

If something has bad juju, or is bad juju, you can say, that means that it makes you feel nervous, it makes you feel uneasy. It means that it's got some negative energy. That's what you mean. It's more of a feeling that it makes you feel.

• Can you think of a place you’d avoid because you think it has some bad juju?

Definitely haunted houses. Like I said, I would never go to one. I would say a graveyard at night, where the dead people are buried. Yes, graveyard at night, I think it has some bad juju and I would not like to be there.

Feel a presence

'Shhh. I feel a presence.'

• If you feel a presence, do you actually see someone?

No. If you feel a presence, obviously you have a feeling that someone is in the room, but you don't actually see anything or anyone just yet. It's just a feeling.

• If you feel a presence, do you feel that someone is physically close to you or mentally close to you even though they’re far away?

If you feel a presence, it means that you feel like someone is in the room, someone is close to you. Usually it's a ghosts or a spirit, something like that.

• What would you do if you felt a presence? Would you stay or leave?

I've never felt a presence. I've never been in a position where I would feel something like that. Sometimes it's in my head. Maybe I've watched a scary movie and I'm scared still. I've never actually felt it. If I were to feel a presence, I would definitely leave the room. I would not stay there. I would run away. I would call someone, maybe even leave the house. I don't care, but I would run away.


'Oh my gosh! Look! The table! It’s levitating.'

• If something levitates, does it fall to the ground or does it stop touching the ground?

If something levitates it stops touching the ground, that means it goes up in the air.

• What do you need to apply to make an object levitate? Physics or magic?

Here's the thing about levitate, the verb levitate. The fact that it always has to do with magic. If something stops touching the ground because of magic, because someone's performing some magic, that means that it's levitating, you can say that that thing, that object, or even that person is levitating.

• Can you say that planes levitate?

No, thank goodness, we don't fly thanks to magic. There's physics involved. We cannot say that planes levitate. We can say that planes fly, but it's a different thing. Even birds fly, but they don't levitate. You need magic for something to levitate.

• Can you think of examples of movies where you saw someone making something levitate?

I thought it was a good idea to ask you about a movie because I don't have any personal experience with levitation. Yes, I remember seeing an example of someone making something else levitate in the movie Star Wars. They do that a lot. They can use the force to make things levitate in that movie. Then you've got that awesome scene from Harry Potter, the first movie and also the first book where you have Hermione saying, you know that part where she says, it's leviosa, not leviosar. Well, it was right after their levitation classes where the kids would have to learn how to make things levitate. There you go. If you want to watch something levitate, you can watch one of these two movies.

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