Episode 61 • Relax




Take your mind off of something

Treat oneself



Boy: So, guess what? I got fired!
Girl: What?! Why?
Boy: I have no idea! I was at work the other day and, I mean, you know how much I’ve been working lately… I just felt like I really needed some time to unwind, you know… to decompress. All I’d been thinking about was all the meetings and emails and presentations… I mean! I’m a human! All I wanted was to take my mind off of that for a few hours…
Girl: Yeah! Of course!
Boy: So I decided to treat myself, because, you know, I never really do that. So I had some chocolates and some wine delivered, then I put on some jazz music… I don’t know what it is about jazz music, but I find it really soothing. And then I had someone come over to give a massage, and then someone else to fix my hands and feet! You should’ve seen my toes! And then right when I started to feel a bit better and a bit more relaxed. Boom! I got fired.
Girl: Wait. Your- your boss called you and said you were fired?
Boy: No, he didn’t call me. He came to my desk.
Girl: Wait. You didn’t leave your office.
Boy: No, I was at my desk.
Girl: Don’t work in an open space?
Boy: Yeah, why?…


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