Episode 62 • Teeth




Crooked teeth




Mrs Miller: Alright, I gotta go, I’m about to walk into the dentist’s office. Okay, bye. [Phone clicks] Hi, I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Kimmy. I just need to…
Secretary: Yeah, yeah. Dr. Kimmy. You can go in. He’s waiting for you.
[Knock on the door]
Dentist: Oh, Mrs Miller! Good to see you again! Please, take a seat.
Mrs Miller: just here to- Uh [to make sure I don’t -]
Dentist: That’s alright, Mrs. Miller. Relax. Okay, I see the problem here.
Mrs Miller: Really?
Dentist: Okay, I’ll start drilling. It’s only going to take a second. [Drilling sound] Oh, no, actually there’s no need! Uhm… Okay… Let me just.. and then… Oh, I can see you’ve been flossing, Mrs Miller.. Very good! Alright, one last thing and… we’re all done! You may look at yourself in the mirror. Three months and your teeth will no longer be crooked!
Mrs Miller: Are these- are these braces?
Dentist: Yeah, they’re braces. Why? That’s what you came in for, right?
Mrs Miller: No, I just needed you to check to see if I had any cavities!
Dentist: Oh, oopsie! Well, no, you didn’t. You did a great job taking care of those teeth.
Mrs Miller: Ugh…


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