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Episode 62 • Teeth




Crooked teeth




Mrs Miller: Alright, I gotta go, I’m about to walk into the dentist’s office. Okay, bye. [Phone clicks] Hi, I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Kimmy. I just need to…
Secretary: Yeah, yeah. Dr. Kimmy. You can go in. He’s waiting for you.
[Knock on the door]
Dentist: Oh, Mrs Miller! Good to see you again! Please, take a seat.
Mrs Miller: just here to- Uh [to make sure I don’t -]
Dentist: That’s alright, Mrs. Miller. Relax. Okay, I see the problem here.
Mrs Miller: Really?
Dentist: Okay, I’ll start drilling. It’s only going to take a second. [Drilling sound] Oh, no, actually there’s no need! Uhm… Okay… Let me just.. and then… Oh, I can see you’ve been flossing, Mrs Miller.. Very good! Alright, one last thing and… we’re all done! You may look at yourself in the mirror. Three months and your teeth will no longer be crooked!
Mrs Miller: Are these- are these braces?
Dentist: Yeah, they’re braces. Why? That’s what you came in for, right?
Mrs Miller: No, I just needed you to check to see if I had any cavities!
Dentist: Oh, oopsie! Well, no, you didn’t. You did a great job taking care of those teeth.
Mrs Miller: Ugh…


I don't know if it was just me, but that dentist really sounded like Santa Claus. What do you think? I don't know why. It just came out. It was in the character.


'Okay, I’ll start drilling.'

• What sound will you hear if your dentist is drilling?

You're going to hear this sound. [drilling sound] That's terrifying, isn't it?

• When would a dentist use a drill? To smooth the surface of your tooth or to make it thicker?

To smooth the surface of your tooth to make it smoother, or to make it thicker. If I'm not wrong, because I'm not exactly an expert, but the dentist uses the drill to remove part of the tooth to smooth it out to make sure that-- I don't know. It removes a layer.

• Does the drilling sound bother you?

Obviously, it's not the most pleasant sound [chuckles] in the world. I'd rather listen to birds and the other stuff, but it's not too bad. The thing that really bothers me about drilling is when I can feel the vibrations. When it's drilling, you can feel the drill in your mouth against your teeth and you feel your whole head is shaking and vibrating. That's what really bothers me.


'I can see you’ve been flossing, Mrs Miller...'

• What do you use when you have to floss? A special type of brush or a special type of string?

Flossing is done with a special type of string. It comes in a little box. It comes rolled up and you roll it out, you take a piece and then you floss.

• Does the string go in front of the teeth or between the teeth?

It goes between the teeth. If it went in front of the teeth, it wouldn't do anything because the purpose of flossing is to remove any pieces of food. It's really gross. I'm sorry. Any pieces of food that are left stuck between your teeth after you've eaten.

• How often do you floss?

I would like to say every other day, but I'm going to be honest. Don't judge me. I think, probably, once a week. I know it's really bad. I know you should floss every day, but honestly, up until I was maybe 14, I didn't even know that flossing was a thing. I was never taught that flossing was a thing. Now, I do it. Sometimes, I'll do it more often like every other day, but lately, I haven't been too good with flossing.

Crooked teeth

'Three months and your teeth will no longer be crooked!'

• If you have crooked teeth, are you teeth aligned or not?

No. If you have crooked teeth, that means that your teeth are not aligned. Some have grown in a direction, some have grown in a different direction.

• Can you have only one crooked tooth?

Yes. You can have perfect teeth and then just one boop, crooked.

• Do you have or did you use to have crooked teeth?

I never had crooked teeth as a child. I was very lucky, but later when I was a little older and my wisdom teeth came in, I think they pushed the other teeth, the bottom ones especially, and so now my bottom teeth are crooked, but you can't really tell because my mouth covers it. It covers my bottom teeth. You can't really see that they're crooked. Whatever. Even if you do have crooked teeth, who cares?


'Are these- are these braces?'

• What material are braces made of? Metal or wood?

Braces are made of metal. It wouldn't be too good for your oral hygiene if your braces were made out of wood.

• What are braces for?

Well, most braces, although I think not all braces, but most are meant to straighten your teeth. If your teeth are not aligned, if your teeth are crooked, then you can wear braces, and then after a while, your teeth will be aligned.

• Have you ever had to wear braces?

Like I said, I never had problems as a child in terms of crooked teeth, so I never had to wear braces, but lately, the last couple of times that I went to the dentist for other stuff, this dentist was like, "Oh, well, you could have such a pretty smile, if you wore braces." She was trying to convince me to get braces, but I don't. First of all, I don't really care, and second of all, they're usually very expensive. It's not really necessary, whatever.


'I just needed you to check to see if I had any cavities!'

• Are cavities good or bad?

Cavities are bad. They're the little holes that you get in your teeth from not having proper oral hygiene.

• Can cavities go away on their own?

Unfortunately, I'm afraid they can't. Once you have a cavity, you'll have to go to the dentist and have your dentist fill it in. So, no, basically.

• What can you do to prevent cavities?

Well, you can brush your teeth regularly and then you can floss, which I should do a little more often, but you know what? I also think it's a matter of luck. My sister, she brushes her teeth super. I don't even know how many times a day she brushes her teeth, but a lot. Yet, every now and then, she will still find out that she has a cavity. Well, don't judge me, but I'm not exactly the brush my teeth every five minutes type of person, but I don't have a lot of cavities. I think it's also a matter of luck.

• Have you ever had any cavities?

I have. Yes, I definitely have. Not a lot. I don't know, maybe in my whole life, I want to say like four, five, but knock on wood, in the past couple of years, I haven't had any problems on that front. So, we'll see.

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