Episode 63 • Driving


Run a red light

Driving instructor

Pull to the curb


Flat tire


Girl: Hey? What’s up?
Boy: Good! You? So, how did your driving test go?
Girl: What? You haven’t heard?!
Boy: No, what happened?
Girl: The whole town knows! So… I got there a bit late.
Boy: How late?
Girl: Like 20 minutes, so my driving instructor was already mad at me… I was so nervous, I promise, I was shaking the whole time… Anyway, I get in the car and things seemed to be going fine until…
Boy: Until what?
Girl: Until I ran a red light
Boy: Agh!
Girl: Wait… That’s not the worst part! My driving instructor told me to pull to the curb and I tried but… for some reason, I couldn’t brake! I don’t know why! There must have been something wrong with the car… My instructor kept shouting at me and that only made me more nervous! After 30 seconds of pure panic, the car finally stopped.
Boy: Oh my goodness, so in the end you were able to brake?
Girl: Not exactly… There was a piece of glass on the road and I got a flat tire!
Boy: What a story! So you didn’t pass, uh?
Girl: I did, actually. My instructor said he never wanted to see me again so he let me pass!


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