Episode 64 • On the Phone


Break up

Get good reception

Get cut off

Hang up on someone

Dial a number


Meg: Hey grandma! It’s me! Meg.
Grandma: Meg. Hi sweetie! How are you? [breaking up]
Meg: Grandma, I can’t hear you very well, what’s wrong with your phone?
Grandma: Oh, I don’t know, I got this new phone and I’m not sure how it –
Meg: Grandma, you’re breaking up, I think you’re not getting good reception… Could you try going to another room?
Grandma: Okay, let me just go to the kitchen. Is this better?
Meg: It’s a bit better, I think.
Grandma: So, tell me, honey, how’s the –
Meg: Grandma? Grandma? Ugh…
[dialing sound]
Meg: Grandma!
Grandma: Oh, Meg. It’s you. We got cut off.
Meg: No, grandma. You hung up on me. So anyway… I was just calling to- [dialing sound]. Grandma, what are you doing?
Kev: Hello? Grandma? Is everything okay?
Meg: Hey, Kev. It’s me, Meg. I think grandma dialed your number by mistake.
Grandma: Oh, look at that! My two favorite grandchildren on the phone with me at the same time! I didn’t know we could do that!


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